More Opportunities For AI Talent: President Biden Signs Executive Order


President Biden’s recent executive order on artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked excitement and hopes for more visas and green cards for individuals in the AI field. The order seeks to develop and utilize AI technology in a coordinated federal government-wide approach, with a particular emphasis on attracting AI talent to the United States.

Key Takeaway

The executive order aims to improve immigration processes for AI talent, including making it easier for founders to obtain O-1A visas and self-petitioned green cards.

Increasing Accessibility for AI Talent

One of the primary ways to attract AI talent is by raising the caps on H-1B specialty occupation visas and employment-based green cards. However, such changes require congressional action, which is unlikely due to the current gridlock in Congress. As a result, the administration is focusing on improving the immigration process through executive action to meet national security goals and maintain global leadership in AI technology.

Improving Immigration Options

The executive order includes several initiatives to enhance immigration options for top AI talent. These measures aim to make it easier for founders to obtain O-1A visas, access International Entrepreneur Parole, and self-petition for green cards. Additionally, the order expands stateside visa renewals to include O, F, and J visas, and increases the authority for visa interview waivers.

Streamlining Adjudication and Expanding Opportunities

The order also focuses on streamlining the adjudication process for AI talent. It seeks to limit the J-1 212(e) two-year home residency requirement, expand Schedule A to include more occupations in high-demand, and introduce new recruiting programs to attract the world’s brightest AI professionals.

These initiatives demonstrate the administration’s recognition of the importance of AI talent for American companies and technological advancements. By improving immigration processes, the government aims to position the United States as a global leader in AI and foster innovation.

While the executive order does not directly increase the number of visas and green cards available to individuals in the AI field, it lays the groundwork for a more favorable immigration environment for AI talent. As the administration continues to focus on attracting top AI professionals, the hope is that Congress will also recognize the significance of this talent and take action to increase the availability of visas and green cards to support the growth of AI in the United States.

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