New Startup Inalife Helps Families Preserve Memories And Create Digital Legacies


A Hong Kong-based startup, Inalife, has launched a digital legacy platform aimed at helping families preserve their precious memories. The platform allows users to create an interactive family tree, store photos, videos, audio files, and even documents, and record messages for future playback. With the recent release of its mobile apps for iOS and Android, Inalife is hoping to attract a wider audience and expand its user base.

The idea behind Inalife was born out of founder and CEO Nicholas Worley’s personal experience. After losing family members and realizing he wished he had known more about their histories, Worley was motivated to create a solution. He wanted to provide a way for families to preserve their memories and ensure that future generations would have access to their stories.

Using Inalife is simple and accessible. Users can sign up for free and receive a “memory allowance” of 100MB of storage. They can create their profiles, add albums filled with photos, videos, audio files, and documents. Upgrading to a paid subscription plan allows users to add more data and create sub-accounts for other family members. Subscription plans start at $5.99 per month for 5GB of storage and go up to 30GB for $19.99 per month. Additional storage can also be added for $1.99 per 1GB.

Once users have set up their accounts, they can connect with other family members by adding them to their family tree. Each member receives an invite and can specify their relationship. They can browse the family tree, learn more about other family members, and add their own albums and profiles. Sub-accounts can also be created for deceased family members or young children, who can take control of their profiles when they are older.

One unique feature of Inalife is the ability to send time-delayed messages. Users can record messages for their loved ones to receive at a specified date in the future, preserving cherished memories in a time capsule format.

The security and privacy of users’ personal family data is a top priority for Inalife. The platform does not share data with third parties, and the apps are ad-free, supported by users’ subscriptions.

With the launch of the mobile apps on September 5, Inalife aims to reach a broader market. Founder Nicholas Worley sees great potential in the growing number of smartphone users worldwide and recognizes the importance of preserving digital legacies.

Key Takeaway

Inalife’s digital legacy platform offers families a way to preserve their memories and create an interactive family tree. With features like time-delayed messages and secure storage, Inalife is focused on providing an authentic and valuable family experience while emphasizing the importance of preserving digital legacies.

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