New Spy Shots Reveal Updated Interior Of Tesla’s Cybertruck


As the anticipation for the release of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck continues, fresh images have emerged giving us a closer look at the highly-anticipated electric vehicle. Thanks to Tesla watchers, The Kilowatts, who stumbled upon the Cybertruck in a San Francisco parking lot, we now have updated photos of its interior.

Key Takeaway

New spy shots reveal an updated interior for Tesla’s highly-anticipated Cybertruck. The photos highlight changes in the wheel design and center console, while maintaining the minimalist and spacious layout. However, the exact release date for the Cybertruck remains uncertain as Tesla continues to fine-tune the vehicle for optimal aesthetics and functionality.

Updated Design and Features

The new images showcase some noticeable changes compared to what was previously seen back in May. Firstly, there seems to be a different wheel design, giving the Cybertruck a refreshed look. Additionally, the center console also appears to have been updated, although it remains uncertain whether these changes will be reflected in the mass production model.

The overall design of the interior remains true to Tesla’s signature minimalist approach. The dash, as seen in the photos taken through the windshield and front windows, maintains its clean and sparse layout. This aligns with Tesla’s direction in the recent Model 3 refresh, where simplicity and functionality are prioritized.

Awaiting Deliveries

While the new spy shots may temporarily satisfy Tesla enthusiasts, what they truly desire is for deliveries to commence. However, with the summer almost coming to an end, marking yet another missed deadline, the exact timeline for the release of the Cybertruck remains uncertain.

According to a company-wide email reportedly sent by Elon Musk last month, delays could be attributed to the automaker’s efforts to ensure that all the parts fit together seamlessly. Given the Cybertruck’s unique and polygonal design, it is essential that the harsh corners and edges align perfectly to avoid any aesthetic imperfections.

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