New Report Reveals Mac Users’ Growing Adoption Of AI Apps


A recent report by Setapp, a popular app subscription service, has unveiled a significant increase in the adoption of AI-based applications among Mac users. The study found that an impressive 42% of Mac users now incorporate AI apps into their daily workflows, highlighting the growing significance of AI technology in enhancing user experiences.

Key Takeaway

The study shows that 42% of Mac users utilize AI apps on a daily basis, and 63% believe that AI-powered applications offer greater benefits compared to those without AI.

Mac Developers Also Embrace AI

The report also reveals that Mac app developers have recognized the potential of AI. About 44% of developers have already integrated AI or machine learning models into their apps, while an additional 28% are actively working on implementing these technologies. This trend indicates the industry’s commitment to utilizing AI in order to provide more sophisticated and efficient solutions for Mac users.

Diverse Range of Top AI Apps

Setapp’s survey uncovered a variety of popular AI apps among Mac users. These include TypingMind, Elephas, Spark, Notion, Grammarly, Craft, Luminar Neo, MacGPT, Asana, Raycast, and MacWhisper. Interestingly, some of these apps leverage AI to enhance existing functionalities rather than solely focusing on interacting with AI technology.

The adoption of AI apps represents a transformative shift in user experiences. Mykola Savin, the product lead at Setapp, commented on this development, stating, “We see how AI is transforming the app’s usage experience by providing additional user assistance. Maybe not everyone succeeds with AI on the first try, but when they do, they tend to use those features repeatedly.”

AI’s Growing Presence in Daily Workflows

The survey highlighted the significant role of AI apps in users’ daily routines. On average, Mac users have around 51 installed apps, but they access up to 15 of them daily. With 42% incorporating AI apps into their daily workflows, it is evident that AI technology has become an integral part of users’ everyday lives.

Furthermore, other widely used apps such as web browsers, Microsoft and Google Office tools, and Adobe software, including Photoshop and other Creative Cloud apps, also integrate AI technologies. This suggests that users’ exposure to AI-powered apps may be even more extensive than reported.

Other Insights from the Report

In addition to AI app adoption, the Setapp survey shed light on other interesting findings. It revealed that subscriptions are more popular than one-time purchases among Mac users. The top channels for app discovery were identified as the Mac App Store, YouTube, and social media. Furthermore, a significant majority of the respondents (70%) reported owning a Mac with either an M1 or M2 chip.

Although the survey primarily represents the experiences of Mac users in the United States, it underscores the increasing interest and adoption of AI apps in the Mac user community. As developers and users continue to embrace AI technologies, the Mac ecosystem is poised to witness further enhancements and innovations in the future.

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