New Passkey Management Feature Comes To Windows 11


Microsoft has announced a new feature for Windows 11 that will enhance the way users manage their passkeys, providing a more secure and convenient method of authentication for websites and apps. With the upcoming expanded passkey support, Windows 11 users will be able to create passkeys using Windows Hello, Microsoft’s biometric identity and access control feature. These passkeys can then be used to access supported websites and apps using facial recognition, fingerprint scan, or a PIN.

Key Takeaway

Windows 11 users will soon benefit from an enhanced passkey management feature that allows them to create and use passkeys for secure authentication. Passkeys can be created using Windows Hello and can be accessed from multiple devices, providing a seamless and passwordless experience for accessing websites and apps. Microsoft’s support for passkeys aligns with the industry-wide move towards a more secure and convenient authentication method.

Improved Security and Convenience

Passkeys created in Windows 11 can be managed directly on the devices they are stored on, or they can be saved to a mobile phone for added convenience. This means that users will have the flexibility to access their passkeys from multiple devices, making it easier to authenticate themselves securely. The authentication process is synchronized across devices through the cloud using cryptographic key pairs, ensuring that users can sign in to websites and apps using the same biometrics or PINs they use to unlock their devices.

A Step Towards a Passwordless Future

Microsoft’s commitment to a passwordless future is reinforced by their support for passkeys. Passkeys offer a cross-platform and cross-ecosystem solution for accessing websites and applications, eliminating the need for traditional passwords. By adopting passkey technology from the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, Microsoft is joining forces with tech giants like Google and Apple to provide users with a more secure and seamless authentication experience.

Growing Adoption of Passkeys

Big tech players, including Google and Apple, have already embraced passkey technology. Google introduced passkey support for Android and Google Chrome last year, while Apple added passkey management tools to iOS in September. Several popular websites, including, PayPal, and, now support passkeys. Dashlane and NordPass are among the password management companies that have integrated passkey storage into their services.

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