New Camera App, Cinemin, Lets Users Capture Animated Photos And Videos Without AI Filters


Tinrocket, the creators behind popular apps like Waterlogue and Olli, have recently launched a new camera app called Cinemin. This innovative app allows users to shoot animated photos and videos with a focus on traditional animated art and films, without relying on AI filters.

The Cinemin app, available for free, offers a range of unique filters inspired by the aesthetics of traditional animation. Users can apply these filters while capturing images or videos, allowing them to preview the effects in real-time. Additionally, the app provides various editing tools such as line cleanup, shadows, flatness, brightness, tint, dark color, light color, temperature, and contrast, enabling users to fine-tune their visuals.

Key Takeaway

Cinemin is a new camera app that allows users to capture animated photos and videos without the use of AI filters. Inspired by traditional animated art and films, the app offers a range of filters and editing tools for users to enhance their visuals.

For those interested in creating animated videos, Cinemin includes a full-screen cinema mode, providing a distraction-free environment for shooting footage.

The app also offers additional features through in-app purchases. Users can unlock options such as saving unfiltered photos and videos for later editing, as well as exporting videos in 3K and 4K resolutions. These features can be accessed through a monthly subscription of $0.99, an annual subscription of $5.99, or a one-time purchase option for $9.99.

John Balestrieri, the founder of Tinrocket, expressed his passion for art and design, which heavily influenced the creation of Cinemin. He emphasized the app’s focus on 2D animation, resulting in visuals with a distinct flat aesthetic.

Unlike many other apps that rely on generative AI technology, Balestrieri chose to avoid using existing artists’ work for AI training data, as he believes that it would exploit their efforts. Instead, he believes in the journey of personally figuring out the artistic principles behind his apps.

Cinemin offers a refreshing approach to photography and videography, allowing users to explore the art of animation without relying on AI filters. With its array of filters and editing tools, the app opens up new creative possibilities for users seeking a unique and engaging camera experience.

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