New AI Platform, Heidi Health, Backed By Blackbird Ventures To Support Overworked Doctors


Australian startup, Heidi Health, has secured $10 million AUD in Series A funding to further develop its AI platform aimed at relieving the administrative burden on doctors. Blackbird Ventures led the funding round, with participation from several other investors including Hostplus and Archangel Ventures.

Key Takeaway

Australian startup, Heidi Health, has raised

0 million AUD in funding to support its AI platform designed to assist overworked doctors. By automating administrative tasks and providing comprehensive clinical histories, Heidi Health aims to improve efficiency in healthcare and enhance patient care.

AI to Streamline Administrative Tasks

Heidi Health, previously known as Oscer, uses artificial intelligence to convert consultation transcripts into various medical documents such as case histories, referral letters, and financial forms. By automating these administrative tasks, Heidi Health aims to save doctors significant amounts of time, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

Improved Clinical Histories

In addition to document generation, Heidi Health also builds detailed clinical histories for both healthcare providers and patients. This comprehensive database of medical information helps doctors gain a better understanding of each patient’s medical background and aids in making more informed treatment decisions.

Enhancing Efficiency and Patient Care

Australia, like many other countries, is facing a shortage of general practitioners. This, coupled with the excessive amount of paperwork doctors have to handle, often leads to burnout. By automating administrative work and providing prompts for further diagnoses, Heidi Health aims to alleviate these challenges. Doctors can spend less time on paperwork, reduce patient waiting times, and improve the overall quality of care.

Expansion Plans

Heidi Health, currently used by over 100 general practitioners in Australia, plans to expand its services both domestically and internationally. The startup is in talks with primary networks in Texas and the UK to introduce its AI platform to more clinics and healthcare systems.

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