Coach’s Knitwear Supplier Invests $1M In Jellibeans’ Fashion Prediction Tech


California-based fashion technology startup, Jellibeans, has caught the attention of high-street knitwear supplier, Aussch, with its innovative suite of products. Aussch recently invested $1 million in Jellibeans, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence and big data analysis to predict fashion trends and facilitate collaboration among designers, buyers, and merchandisers.

Key Takeaway

Jellibeans, a fashion technology startup, has received a

million investment from knitwear supplier, Aussch. Using artificial intelligence and big data analysis, Jellibeans predicts fashion trends and enables remote collaboration between designers, buyers, and merchandisers. Its suite of products offers trend forecasting, benchmarking, and generative AI capabilities. By leveraging Jellibeans’ technology and collaboration platform, the fashion design process can be accelerated, leading to improved efficiency and reduced waste.

Redefining the Fashion Design Process

Jellibeans aims to disrupt the traditional fashion design process, which can be slow and constrained by geographical limitations. To overcome these challenges, the company has created an interactive design platform that functions like a combination of Slack and Trello. This platform allows designers, buyers, and merchandisers to collaborate remotely by sharing designs and leaving comments.

This new approach to collaboration has significantly reduced the time it takes to develop collections, with Joanne Chow, CEO and co-founder of Jellibeans, stating that what used to take two to three months can now be accomplished in just a few weeks.

Key Analytical Features

Alongside its collaboration tool, Jellibeans offers three main analytical features:

  1. Trend forecasting: Jellibeans gathers market insight and data from retailers, social media, and other relevant channels to predict future fashion trends. This includes factors such as the popularity or decline of specific styles, as well as details like trending colors and materials.
  2. Benchmarking tool: By utilizing artificial intelligence and historical data, Jellibeans helps designers analyze competing brands’ pricing strategies and identify similar-looking products.
  3. Generative AI: Jellibeans’ generative AI assists designers in decision-making without replacing their originality. It can be used to cross-check designs and identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Through Jellibeans’ platform, designers can upload their designs and compare them with existing products in the company’s extensive database of over 10 million fashion retail products. If a design appears too similar to an existing product, Jellibeans’ Stable Diffusion-based AI tool can be used to make adjustments.

Impact on Designers and Brands

Jellibeans’ technology appeals to both emerging designers and established brands. Designers can access historical data on successful designs before beginning their own sketches, while influencers with their own collections can leverage generative AI to enhance their creations. For bigger brands, Jellibeans offers valuable business analysis that can save time and money.

“Democratizing design and enabling all stakeholders to collaborate on the design-to-production workflow within a single platform like enables even larger operations like ours to radically improve efficiency by saving us much-needed time and money amid today’s voracious appetite for new designs, all the while reducing waste,” said Grant J.E. Philips, senior vice president at Aussch.

Investing in the Future

Aussch, the knitwear supplier and investor in Jellibeans, has provided knitwear to renowned fashion brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, and Ted Baker. By investing in Jellibeans’ technology, Aussch aims to enhance efficiency and further innovate within the fashion industry.

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