New $30 Liver Function Test Launched By In Diagnostics


In Diagnostics has unveiled a groundbreaking test that aims to determine the functionality of the liver, offering crucial insights for emergency surgeries and medical treatments. The company has developed a blood-testing platform that utilizes a custom-made microchip with a high-precision spectrophotometer to analyze blood samples. Their first product, the Quic ALT+AST test, provides rapid measurements of ALT and AST liver enzymes from just a drop of blood in as little as 5 minutes.

Key Takeaway

In Diagnostics has launched a $30 liver function test that provides rapid and accurate results by analyzing ALT and AST liver enzymes from a small blood sample. This test fills a critical gap in emergency settings and offers valuable insights for both human and veterinary medicine.

A Solution to a Critical Gap

In emergency departments, medical professionals have access to various tests to measure electrolytes, blood gases, and kidney function. However, there has been a noticeable gap when it comes to assessing liver function. In Diagnostics recognized this deficiency and developed a solution to fill this gap, providing quick and accurate liver function results for imaging, anesthetic, and heavy-duty drug treatments.

Revolutionizing Veterinary Research

In addition to its applications in human medicine, In Diagnostics’ liver enzyme test is also poised to revolutionize the veterinary and research market. The Quic test allows researchers and veterinarians to monitor the liver health of laboratory animals, particularly useful in clinical trials and drug toxicity studies. With only a small sample size required, this test offers convenience and speed without compromising accuracy.

The Significance of Liver Function Monitoring

Monitoring liver function is essential due to the organ’s ability to decline in efficacy without showing noticeable symptoms until acute liver failure occurs. The presence of elevated ALT and AST enzymes in the bloodstream indicates liver stress and potential damage. The ability to track liver function over time enables medical professionals to take corrective actions and intervene before the condition worsens.

In Diagnostics has already started shipping its products to the first wave of customers, focusing on the veterinary market initially. The company aims to expand its menu of tests offered with the device and is considering options for additional funding to support its growth trajectory. With the ability to manufacture 400 test chips per day and plans for further scalability, In Diagnostics is set to make a significant impact in the field of liver function testing.

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