MrBeast Launches ViewStats, A New YouTube Analytics Platform In Beta


The renowned YouTuber MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, has co-founded a new analytics platform called ViewStats, which has recently been released in beta. This platform, similar to tools like Social Blade, utilizes the YouTube API to provide comprehensive statistics about channels, catering to both creators and their fans.

Key Takeaway

MrBeast has co-founded ViewStats, a new analytics platform for YouTube channels, now available in beta.

A Meticulous Approach to Video Content

MrBeast’s meticulous approach to video content is well-known, and his attention to detail has been a significant factor in his success as one of the highest-earning creators on YouTube. From A/B testing different thumbnail variations to understanding the impact of specific metrics, MrBeast’s insights are highly valued within the creator community.

Star Power and Differentiation

Co-founded with Chucky Appleby, a collaborator with MrBeast, ViewStats is leveraging its star power to differentiate itself in the competitive analytics platform landscape. The influence and expertise of MrBeast and Appleby are expected to play a pivotal role in the platform’s success, as evidenced by the significant interest generated during a recent panel hosted by MrBeast about understanding the YouTube algorithm.

Features and Future Plans

ViewStats, similar to Social Blade, provides essential information such as subscriber numbers, estimated monthly ad revenue, and video views, along with their fluctuations over time. Additionally, the platform is available as a Chrome extension and plans to introduce additional tools in the future, including thumbnail analytics features. While the platform’s monetization strategy is yet to be fully revealed, it aims to offer more advanced analytics tools, potentially following the model of Social Blade.

Separate Entity and Funding

It’s important to note that ViewStats operates as a separate company from MrBeast, LLC. Both MrBeast and Appleby have personally funded the platform, signaling their commitment to its success and development.

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