Meta Quest For Business To Launch Next Month, Targeting Enterprise Market


Meta, the company behind the popular Quest headsets, is set to release a new business platform called Meta Quest for Business in October. This move positions the company to tap into the lucrative enterprise market, following in the footsteps of other tech giants like Magic Leap and Microsoft.

Key Takeaway

Meta is set to launch Meta Quest for Business next month, a new platform catering to the enterprise market. With compatibility for popular enterprise applications like Microsoft 365, Meta aims to simplify access to augmented reality tools and services for businesses. This strategic move positions Meta to tap into the growing demand for innovative business solutions in the emerging field of spatial computing.

During the Connect conference held in Menlo Park, CA today, Meta provided a sneak peek of the new platform, which aims to offer a centralized hub for enterprise augmented reality (AR) applications. With the growing interest in spatial computing, demonstrated by Apple’s Vision Pro headset unveiled at WWDC, Meta recognizes the potential of AR workspaces in the business realm.

Bringing Enterprise Applications to Meta Quest

Meta Quest for Business will be compatible with various enterprise applications, including the highly popular Microsoft 365. This integration will allow users to access a wide array of productivity tools and services within the Meta Quest environment. Although specific details about the functionality of these applications were not disclosed during the conference, Microsoft has plans to extend its offerings to the Meta Quest platform later this year.

The Meta Quest for Business platform aims to simplify access to enterprise AR applications, providing a centralized location where businesses can explore and utilize the power of augmented reality in their operations. This latest move by Meta showcases their commitment to expanding into the enterprise market and capitalizing on the growing demand for innovative business solutions.

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