Meta Launches Generative AI Features For Advertisers To Enhance Creativity And Efficiency


Meta, the social media giant, has unveiled its latest offering, providing advertisers with a powerful set of generative AI features. These innovative tools enable advertisers to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance their ad campaigns, including creating custom backgrounds, expanding images, and generating multiple versions of ad text based on their original copy. This exciting launch follows Meta’s recent Meta Connect event, where the company introduced its highly anticipated Quest 3 mixed-reality headset and a range of other generative AI products, such as stickers, editing tools, and AI-powered smartglasses.

Key Takeaway

Meta introduces generative AI features for advertisers, empowering them to create customized ad assets, expand images, and generate multiple versions of ad text using artificial intelligence.

Enhancing Creative Assets with Customizable Backgrounds

One of the standout features among the new offerings allows advertisers to tailor their creative assets by generating multiple background options that can transform the look of their product images. This function resembles Meta’s successful consumer tool, Backdrop, which permits users to modify the scenes or backgrounds of their images through prompts. Advertisers utilizing Meta’s Advantage+ catalog to create sales ads can now benefit from this feature, as the backgrounds are generated specifically for their product images, typically consisting of simple patterns and colors.

Effortless Image Expansion to Suit Various Platforms

Meta’s generative AI tools also include a feature known as image expansion. This function enables advertisers to adjust their visual assets to fit different aspect ratios required across various platforms, such as Feed or Reels. By incorporating this feature into Meta’s Mads Manager, advertisers can streamline their creative asset repurposing process, including images and videos, across different surfaces with ease.

Text Variations to Optimize Ad Copy

With Meta’s text variations feature, advertisers can tap into the power of AI to generate up to six different versions of ad text based on their original copy. These variations can highlight specific keywords and phrases that advertisers wish to emphasize, and they have the flexibility to edit the generated output or select the most suitable versions to align with their campaign goals. Meta can also display different combinations of text to different audiences during a campaign to gauge optimal responses. While Meta doesn’t provide performance details for each text variation in the current reporting, advertisers can improve their ad performance by utilizing more options.

Time-Saving and Promising Future Developments

Meta has already conducted initial testing of these AI features with a select group of advertisers, yielding promising results. Early findings indicate that generative AI can save advertisers a significant amount of time, potentially up to five or more hours per week or a whole month per year. However, Meta acknowledges the need for further refinements to better customize the generative AI output to match each advertiser’s unique style.

Looking ahead, Meta plans to introduce more AI features. This includes developing new methods to generate ad copy that highlights selling points, as well as creating generative backgrounds with tailored themes. Additionally, as previously announced at Meta Connect, businesses will soon be able to harness the power of AI to engage with customers through messaging on WhatsApp and Messenger, enabling seamless e-commerce, enhanced engagement, and effective customer support.

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