Improving Patient Experience With Wearable Medical Devices: Insights From Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas


In this edition of Found, we sit down with Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, the brilliant mind behind Acurable, a groundbreaking medical device company. Acurable has solved the problem of patient-friendly wearable devices that accurately diagnose and manage respiratory conditions in the comfort of one’s home. Professor Rodriguez-Villegas has dedicated her career to improving medical technology and has successfully combined her academic expertise with entrepreneurial skills to bring about this cutting-edge innovation.

Key Takeaway

Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, founder of Acurable, has developed patient-friendly wearable medical devices that accurately diagnose and manage respiratory conditions. By prioritizing user experience and bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship, Acurable has gained recognition and spread through hospitals in the UK based on recommendations and positive feedback from healthcare professionals.

A Passion for Patient-Friendly Medical Devices

Years ago, Professor Rodriguez-Villegas stumbled upon a startling realization about existing medical devices: they failed to effectively detect and treat diseases such as sleep apnea and epilepsy. Determined to address this pressing issue, she founded Acurable and embarked on a mission to revolutionize the field of wearable medical devices. Her goal was to create a user-friendly device that would offer accurate and reliable results while simultaneously empowering patients to take control of their health from the comfort of their own homes.

The Balancing Act: Academic Research and Entrepreneurship

As an academic, Professor Rodriguez-Villegas faced the challenge of juggling her research commitments with the demands of running a successful startup. However, she embraced this challenge by bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship. By leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience in medical technology, she was able to create a device that not only met rigorous scientific standards but also catered to patient needs.

Professor Rodriguez-Villegas understood that the key to creating a successful wearable medical device was to prioritize patient experience. By ensuring that the device was easy to use, comfortable to wear, and provided accurate readings, Acurable garnered widespread acclaim within the medical community.

Scaling a Medical Device Startup

One of the major hurdles faced by medical device startups is the process of scaling. Professor Rodriguez-Villegas and her team at Acurable have managed to overcome this obstacle with remarkable success. Through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive feedback from healthcare professionals, Acurable’s wearable devices have made their way into hospitals across the UK.

By focusing on the patient and continuously improving their technology, Acurable has gained the trust and loyalty of healthcare providers. This success is a testament to their commitment to improving the lives of patients and revolutionizing the field of respiratory health.

Professor Rodriguez-Villegas and Acurable are shining examples of how innovation and passion can transform healthcare by providing patients with easy-to-use devices that empower them to take control of their well-being. Their dedication to improving the lives of individuals with respiratory conditions is an inspiration for the entire medical technology industry.

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