Inversion Art: Revolutionizing The Arts World


Artists around the world dream of finding the support and resources to catapult their careers to new heights. While startup incubators like Y Combinator have been instrumental in launching tech companies, the arts world has long been searching for a similar opportunity. However, Inversion Art is now aiming to change that narrative and become the Y Combinator of the arts world.

Key Takeaway

Inversion Art is revolutionizing the art world by adopting a model inspired by startup accelerators like Y Combinator. By providing artists with the necessary resources, support, and empowerment, Inversion Art is shaping a new future for artistic success.

A New Model for Artistic Success

Inversion Art, co-founded by Joey Flores, a Y Combinator alumnus, and his partner Jonathan Neil, aims to provide artists with the necessary tools and guidance to thrive in their careers. Flores, whose music-marketing platform EarBits graduated from Y Combinator in 2010, understands the transformative power of such programs and wanted to extend the same opportunity to artists.

Inspired by his own experience, Flores recognizes the immense impact that a little investment, mentoring, practical support, and networking can have on artists. He believes that by offering artists these resources, they can transcend traditional boundaries and achieve their full potential.

Supporting Artists’ Self-Definition of Success

One of the fundamental principles of Inversion Art is to shift the power dynamics within the art world. Historically, artists have relied on external parties such as collectors, museums, and galleries to navigate their careers and define success for them. Inversion Art, however, aims to redefine these dynamics by sitting on the same side of the table as the artists themselves.

Jonathan Neil explains, “We are, in our opinion, the first organization that is really sitting on the same side of the table as the artist in all of their negotiations and activities and really helping them to define success for themselves.”

Unlocking Opportunities and Building Communities

Inversion Art not only provides financial support but also prioritizes mentorship and networking opportunities. By connecting artists with industry professionals and like-minded individuals, the organization fosters an environment of collaboration and growth. Through these connections, artists gain access to invaluable advice, exposure, and potential partnerships.

Furthermore, Inversion Art seeks to use technology to its advantage. By leveraging innovative solutions, the organization aims to build a platform that enables artists to showcase their work, promote themselves, and connect with a global audience.

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