Instagram Introduces New ‘Nighttime Nudges’ To Reduce Teens’ Time On The App


Instagram has unveiled a new feature aimed at curbing the amount of time teenagers spend on the app. The company announced that it will be introducing “nighttime nudges” to remind teens to take a break and go to sleep.

Key Takeaway

Instagram is implementing “nighttime nudges” to remind teens to take a break and go to sleep, as part of its efforts to address concerns about excessive screen time and protect young users.

New Nighttime Nudges for Teen Accounts

The new nighttime nudges will be triggered when teens have been active on Instagram for more than 10 minutes, particularly in areas such as Reels or Direct Messages, late at night. The notice will encourage teens to consider closing the app and getting some rest, displaying a message that reads “Time for a break? It’s getting late. Consider closing Instagram for the night.” These nudges will start appearing after 10 PM and cannot be disabled by the users.

Similar Features on Other Platforms

Instagram’s move follows a similar feature introduced by TikTok last March, which also prompts users to put the app down and go to sleep when it’s late.

Additional Efforts to Reduce Teen Screen Time

These nighttime nudges complement Instagram’s existing features designed to limit teens’ time on the app, including the “Take a Break” feature that reminds teens to take regular breaks and the “Quiet Mode” feature that allows teens to mute notifications and indicate their unavailability for a specific period.

Regulatory Pressure and Safety Concerns

The introduction of these new safety features comes amidst growing regulatory scrutiny and legal challenges for Meta, Instagram’s parent company. Meta has been facing pressure to enhance child safety measures, with upcoming Senate testimony and legal actions from multiple states and European Union regulators.

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