Ingrediome’s Breakthrough In Lab-Grown Protein Taste Solution


Ingrediome, an Israeli food tech startup, claims to have made a significant breakthrough in solving the taste problem associated with lab-grown proteins. The company’s co-founders, Aviel Even and Michael Kaholi, assert that they are developing lab-grown proteins that not only taste better but are also up to 10 times less expensive to produce compared to traditional methods.

Key Takeaway

Ingrediome’s innovative approach to developing lab-grown proteins could potentially revolutionize the alternative protein industry by addressing taste and cost concerns, paving the way for a more sustainable and accessible protein source.

Revolutionizing Alternative Proteins

Ingrediome’s approach involves creating “hybrid meat, dairy, and eggs” by combining traditional animal proteins with plant-based ingredients. The company aims to address the texture issue of alternative proteins by developing recombinant animal matrix proteins made from carbon dioxide. This innovative method allows them to create a clean-label product that faithfully replicates the cooking process and nutritional values of actual meat.

Scaling Up Production

The production process involves copying genes responsible for making animal proteins and teaching microorganisms to produce them using carbon dioxide and natural sunlight as the feedstock. By utilizing microorganisms that consume CO2 and sunlight in photobioreactors, Ingrediome aims to significantly scale up its lab-grown meat production in a more cost-effective manner.

Strategic Partnerships and Funding

Despite being a relatively young company, Ingrediome has already secured collaborations with European ingredient and Israeli deli companies, along with a letter of intent for a commercial partnership. The company has also received substantial funding, including a $2.46 million investment from prominent groups such as SOSV, Siddhi Capital, and Meach Cove Capital, among others.

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