GoodOnes Rebrands As Ollie After Sorting 400 Million Photos


A popular AI-powered photo-sorting app, GoodOnes, has recently raised $3.6 million in seed funding and is now relaunching under a new name – Ollie. Since its debut on the Apple App Store in April, GoodOnes has successfully sifted through a staggering 400 million photos, providing users with a simple and efficient way to organize and manage their digital photo galleries.

Key Takeaway

GoodOnes has rebranded itself as Ollie, closely aligning the brand with its AI-driven photo-sorting technology. The decision to rename the app reflects its shift towards an AI-driven direction and aims to provide users with a more personalized and intuitive experience.

The decision to rebrand as Ollie stems from the app’s mascot, a charming octopus named Ollie, who personifies the artificial intelligence at the core of the app’s functionality. As Israel Shalom, CEO and co-founder of Ollie, explains, “Ollie personifies the AI. As we shifted more towards an AI-driven direction, it made sense to align the brand directly with it.”

Faster and Smarter Sorting

Ollie utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze and categorize users’ photos in record time. The app boasts the ability to sort through a week’s worth of photos in under 60 seconds, a feat that surpasses human capabilities. The AI system continually learns from user interaction, adapting to individual preferences and enhancing sorting accuracy over time. This personalized approach ensures that Ollie consistently delivers the most relevant and meaningful photos to users.

Privacy and Trust

While leveraging the power of AI, Ollie places the utmost importance on privacy and trust. Users’ photos never leave their devices, ensuring complete control over personal data. The app operates locally, delving into individual galleries without accessing the cloud. Ollie’s commitment to protecting users’ privacy has also necessitated innovative technological solutions and an ongoing dialogue with customers to address any concerns.

The Future of Ollie

Ollie’s mission to help users tackle the ever-increasing “photo mess” remains steadfast. With its AI-driven technology and emphasis on personalization, the app aims to provide a solution for users overwhelmed by their digital photo libraries. Looking ahead, Ollie plans to continue refining its AI program, allowing it to learn even more and assist a greater number of people in sorting and managing their photos effectively.

Ollie is currently available for free on the Apple App Store. However, the company plans to introduce a subscription-based model in the coming months, with an estimated annual fee of $39.99.

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