Waymo Teams Up With Uber To Launch Driverless Vehicles In Phoenix


Uber users in the Phoenix area can now experience the future of transportation as they can now hail a Waymo driverless vehicle through the Uber app. This exciting joint service between the two companies was announced today, marking a milestone in autonomous transportation.

Key Takeaway

Uber users in Phoenix can now book rides in Waymo driverless vehicles through the Uber app or by using the Waymo One app. Waymo’s expansion into the Uber platform further solidifies the advancements in autonomous transportation and highlights the growing importance of driverless technology.

How it Works

To avail this service, Uber users can simply book a ride through the app by selecting options such as UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort, or Uber Comfort Electric. Once the ride is confirmed, users will be matched with a Waymo vehicle, provided it is available. Alternatively, users can also directly call a Waymo Driver using the Waymo One app, which is accessible to the public in Metro Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and soon, Austin, Texas.

It is worth noting that Waymo has been operating in Arizona for a while. The company introduced Waymo One, its driverless car service, in Chandler, Arizona five years ago. Initially, these vehicles had safety operators behind the wheel, but in subsequent years, Waymo transitioned to fully driverless vehicles. Today, the Metro Phoenix region is Waymo’s largest service area, providing an impressive 10,000 weekly rides and serving 1,000 riders per week from Phoenix’s airport SkyTrain locations.

Competition and Safety

This launch comes at an interesting time, as Waymo’s direct competitor, Cruise, recently faced setbacks in California. The DMV suspended Cruise’s robotaxi permit after the company allegedly withheld video footage from an ongoing investigation. The incident, which involved a pedestrian initially being hit by a human-driven car and then becoming trapped under a Cruise robotaxi, raised concerns about safety and transparency.

In light of this, both Waymo and Uber emphasized the safety of their autonomous vehicle technology in today’s announcement. They noted that “Not all autonomous vehicle companies are the same. As our service grows, evidence is also growing that the Waymo Driver operates safely at scale.” This statement serves as a subtle dig at Cruise and highlights the confidence Waymo has in its driverless technology.

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