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Audioboom Review: Should You Use It Today (Review)

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The landscape of the entertainment industry has changed so much over the last few years. The audio entertainment industry has long grown from the phonograph, and podcasts have since grown in 2004 to become the leading source of aural entertainment. This saw a rise in podcast hosting sites, and one of these popular sites is Audioboom. This streaming site is an on-demand and favorite podcasting and audio distribution platform by consumers because of its straightforward approach.

Read the article below to know more about Audioboom and what it has to offer for you and your budding podcast career.


What is Audioboom?

Audiboom Featured
Photo from Audioboom’s Twitter Page


Audioboom is noted as the number one platform for distributing, hosting, and monetizing podcasts. The company was institutionalized in late 2009, and its primary stakeholders were Slavor Limited and UBC Media Group. In 2014, One Delta bought Audioboo Limited shares and then rebranded to what is currently known as Audioboom. They now have roots in London, Melbourne, Mumbai, and New York.

This site allows podcasts to be easily profitable and accessible for advertisers, podcasters, and brands through superior production value, technical support, and sales approach congested in one user-friendly platform that provides consistent successful results. It mainly focuses on the following aspects:



Through Audioboom’s comprehensive catalog of advertisers, podcasters can easily match up with advertisers so their podcast episodes can reach more audiences! They offer multiple advertising channels such as host-read endorsements, dynamically inserted ads, and sponsorships. Whatever suits your fancy, Audioboom’s dynamic ad team has everything for you from an advertising perspective.



The podcast distribution strategy is fundamental so that you can distribute your podcast episodes to the right audience, at the right time, with the right devices or platforms. Audioboom also offers a very sleek and sophisticated-looking embedded player which podcasters can utilize to promote their podcasts in their apps or websites.



Audioboom’s commitment includes providing quality service in terms of hosting, distributing, and monetizing content. The company’s goal and long-term plan is to produce original content for various podcast networks by collaborating with huge personalities and brands to expand their reach.

If you want to check out other Podcasting platforms, you can check out our review of Spreaker.


Membership Plans

Audioboom Plans
Screenshot from AudioBoom


With all the exciting features Audioboom provides, we are sure that you are just as excited to start your Audioboom journey. Let us look at the cost-efficient and comprehensive Audioboom membership plans that the company offers so you can choose what suits you best and jumpstart your podcasting career today!

There are two main podcasting plans that Audioboom offers. For the Standard Podcasters plan, you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. To get the Plus subscriptions, your podcast should have at least 10,000 plays per episode.

To know more about their subscription plans, here’s a link to their website.


How to Sign Up for Audioboom

Audioboom Registration
Screenshot from Audioboom


Now, I know you are excited to sign-up for Audioboom and get all its many benefits to start your podcasting dream. You can do so with these easy steps:

  1. Go to Audioboom’s sign-up page. Do not forget to tick the “I agree to AudioBoom’s Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy & Terms of Use” box!
  2. Once you have successfully filled-out the sign-up page, you will be asked to confirm your email address using the email you used. All you have to do is access your email and click Confirm email. You will then be redirected to your Audioboom account.
  3. You will be asked to enter your Podcast Title. Be as creative as you can then click Create New Podcast.
  4. You will then be asked to customize your Podcast by adding a logo, writing down a description, and activating your subscription.
  5. Once you activate your subscription, you will be asked what membership plan you are interested in (whether it is the basic or the pro plan). You then have to enter your credit card details accordingly.
  6. Congratulations! You are now ready to upload your first episode! You have to sift through your existing audio files and drag them into Audioboom’s easy interface.
  7. After uploading and editing your audio file accordingly, you can start distributing it with Audioboom’s partner sites such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. Note that you first have to activate your membership plan before you can start distributing your podcast episodes.
  8. To reach a wider audience, you have the option to connect your Audioboom site with your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Tumblr. It also has a feature where you can automatically share your podcast episodes whenever you upload them to Audioboom.


Audioboom Features and How to Use Them

Audioboom’s impressive podcast portfolio and the fact that they were able to rise to the top ranks in the podcast industry in such a short time already make them an impressive podcast hosting site. What is unique for Audioboom is that it not only offers a comprehensive feature for podcasters, but it also offers something for advertising! This unique feature allows for a strategic partnership between podcasters and advertisers. Let us look at the features both for the podcasters and advertisers that Audioboom offers.


For Podcasters

Screenshot from Audioboom


Podcast Hosting

Audioboom offers a simple, user-friendly, yet effective interface for podcasters worldwide to upload and host your podcast episodes! It also provides an import feature where you can quickly transfer over your existing podcasts into Audioboom. In just a few easy steps, you can make your podcasting dream a reality.



Audioboom relates to all the major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeart, RadioPublic, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Because of this network, you are presented with many channels where you can distribute your episodes to reach as broad an audience as you need.


Embedded Player

The slick and sophisticated-looking Embedded Player allows podcasters to insert this in their website or apps as a marketing strategy. Aside from it will enable you to market your podcast episodes, it will let you enjoy a hassle-free experience of embedding it to your preferred medium as it works with all screen sizes!


Detailed Analytics

Data is an integral part of any business’s market strategy. With Audioboom, you have access and insight to detailed analytics that will help you grow your podcast business and reach your intended audience.



Collaborations help you grow your podcast business because not only do you get fresh content for your podcast episodes, but this also allows you to broaden your audience. With Audioboom’s collaboration and contributor’s easy file sharing access, you and your co-collaborator can enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Podcast Website

Your podcast site is your listener’s one-stop-shop in everything that they need to know for your site. Here, they can have access to all your podcast episodes, merchandise (if applicable), and more information about your theme and future content.


Monetization Plans

Who knew that it was possible to earn money while being passionate about your podcast? With Audioboom’s monetization plans, provided that your podcast gets 10k plays per episode, you can make money for it!


For Advertisers

Screenshot from AudioBoom


Host Endorsements and Live Reads

Because Audioboom partners with a comprehensive catalog of advertisers and celebrities, they can also offer podcasters host endorsements and live reads that will surely bump your listener statistics and following to the roof!


Ad Insertion

Audioboom also offers up-to-the-minute advertising options following the content category and location of the streamer. They provide millions of advertisements with the use of their global ad network.



Podcasters can gain sponsorship through brand alignment. Whatever genre they are in — fiction, comedy, sports, news, career — name it and Audioboom can quickly match it with a sponsor!

It is also important to note that Audioboom works with only the best and greatest brands out there, such as DHL, Bose, Sky, The Economist, Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, The White Company, Hello Fresh, Beer 52, 20th Century Fox, Samsung, and the University of Oxford among others!


Other Features

Audioboom offers distribution, monetization publishing, and hosting services for on-demand content.

  • An Audioboom plan will come with unlimited audio hosting on particular branded channels through a publisher’s dashboard.
  • They have an extensive partnership folio with prominent podcast streaming sites and apps such as CastBox, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify, RadioPublic, iHeart, Deezer, and Apple Podcasts.
  • Embeddable media players allow Audioboom users to use these sleek-looking media players in their sites and apps as a strategic marketing strategy. What more is that users can also design the media players to fit the style of their website and personal style!
  • Audioboom offers advanced analytics that provides valuable information to its users where they can have access to listener demographics that will allow them to tweak their podcast content accordingly.
  • Podcasters who exceed more than 10,000 monthly plays per episode can earn money. You can also do this by following Audioboom’s monetization process which is established by acquiring podcast sponsorships and building a built-in ad network.


Audioboom Pros & Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons for Audioboom:


  • One platform for all your podcast solutions from hosting, distributing, and monetizing!
  • Audioboom is a great platform to use whether you have one channel or multiple channels.
  • It offers a sleek-looking and sophisticated embedded player.
  • Audioboom’s affiliation with many popular advertisers.
  • Dynamic Ad insertion
  • Audioboom also has global offices to help customer service.


  • There is only a limit of five episodes per month for the beginner plan.
  • A high threshold of plays needed to hit the Podcast Pros plan.
  • The Audioboom app was discontinued in 2019, so the app is no longer active and accessible.


Audiovoom vs Other Podcast Websites

Let us know how Audioboom fares as compared to other podcast websites.



Transistor twitter
Photo from Transistor’s Twitter Page


Transistor is one of the podcast websites with a very user-friendly interface that allows even newbies to produce quality content! However, Transistor does not offer any free plans, just a free trial. Keep this in my when picking between Transistor and Audioboom.



Official Soundcloud Banner
©Official photo by Soundcloud


SoundCloud has been in the podcast industry since 2007, which makes them one of the pioneers in the podcasting world. They offer a plethora of podcast solutions for a wide variety of audiences, from newbies to professionals! Based on user reviews, SoundCloud mostly has good five-star reviews. Still, users also note technical functionality problems in some of SoundCloud’s functions, such as the play button and minor errors.



Spreaker Icon
Photo from Spreaker’s Twitter page


From recording to publishing, monetizing, and distributing podcasts, Spreaker has it in spades! Suggestions for Spreaker to develop would revolve around the mic functionality, specifically adjustable mic settings. Another aspect is that Spreaker should enable headphones to have a soundcheck capability and make them compatible with iOS.


Should You Use Audioboom for Your Podcast?

If you want value for your money with a podcast platform that offers a comprehensive portfolio of podcast needs, then consider working with Audioboom! It is cost-efficient and provides a relatively easy match-up between podcasters and advertisers alike. Audioboom is perfect for both newbies and professionals with Basic and Professional plans tailored-fit for all your needs.

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