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Spreaker Review: One-Stop Podcast Hosting for Creators

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The world of entertainment has evolved throughout history. The rise of the internet along with its portability and accessibility has made digital audio playback devices outdated. They’ve been replaced by digital media like podcasts, which can easily be downloaded on a user’s device. Right now, there is an array of podcast streaming and hosting platforms, and one of them is Spreaker. Let us look deeper into what Spreaker is, including many of its benefits for podcast users.


What Is Spreaker?

Spreaker Plans
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Spreaker is an online streaming site that serves as a one-stop shop for distribution, monetization, creation, and hosting of podcasts. It is a 360-degree podcasting tool that provides solutions to help podcasters of all sizes throughout their journey. Various robust tools let podcasters worldwide create, distribute, access statistics, and monetize their entire audio catalog, including backlog content.

Since its launch in 2010 in the US, Spreaker has been working to give creators a voice to express themselves while also helping them grow and expand their podcasting business. In 2019, they were certified with an IAB Tech Lab certification, which increased the site’s credibility among potential investors and users alike. Their specialties include audio, broadcasting, social media, podcasting, and monetization plans which we will discuss in the sections below.


What Does Spreaker Offer?

Touted as the ultimate enterprise podcast platform, Spreaker provides a superior pod tech solution for large teams and publishers to manage their podcasts with ease and less elbow grease. Let us look at the different features that they offer to their podcast clients.


Podcast Distribution

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With Spreaker, getting your podcasts on many podcast platforms across the globe. Spreaker has one of the largest podcast platforms globally, so even newbies to the podcast world can easily upload all of their podcast content with just a few clicks. It also provides a one-click distribution that lets users distribute their podcast content to every podcast platform in their catalog. If you do not want that option, you can also manually choose what podcast streaming sites you want your podcasts to be shared.

So, why is having a podcast distribution strategy important? You would want your most loyal fans and listeners to have access to your podcast content regardless of what podcast streaming app or website they are using. Common podcast apps and websites include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, iHeartRadio, or Amazon Alexa.


Spreaker’s Monetization Features

One of the reasons why people invest in podcasts is to monetize their earnings and make money. Though most newbies would seek sponsors or individual advertising partners, with the Spreaker website, you do not have to go through all these hassles. Spreaker is the surefire way to make money through your podcasts quickly and consistently.

There are different way Spreaker can help you in monetization:


Dynamic Advertising Insertion

This refers to ads that can be established into your podcasts whenever you desire. Because the ads are not baked in your podcast episodes, your streams get fresh ads in real time. Also, the advertising insertion system receives the demographic and information on your listeners so that the advertisements will be targeted for their intended audience.


Programmatic Advertising

This is the area where selling and buying podcast ads automatically take place. You do not have to go through the hassle of looking for advertisers or sponsors, as Spreaker has it all set up for you! Spreaker already has a catalog full of advertisers who are willing to put their ads in your podcasts so you can monetize your podcast stream.


Timely Ads

Even if your episode was published years ago, listeners would still get fresh ads with Spreaker’s monetization program, and you can still generate earnings through your podcast!


Ad Bidding

Conversely, advertisers can request an ad placement on your show in real time; this makes it more convenient, practical, and fast! Also, Spreaker will refresh your ads on all your content with the highest bidder and will provide a detailed statistic so you can have a clear insight into your profit.


Podcast Analytics

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In this day and age, data and statistics are critical when running a business and generating profit because they allow you to fine-tune your target market and give you information on how to access a wider audience based on various factors. Spreaker offers comprehensive podcast analytics where you can gather salient information from client demographics to your listeners’ geolocation.

Depending on the plan and the information you need, you can customize the level of detail that you need. What’s more is that Spreaker offers easy-to-read data so you will not be overwhelmed with graphs and numbers. Lastly, Spreaker podcast analytics will let you know how your podcast is doing from a marketing perspective.

You can check stats on your podcast downloads, listeners, likes, followers, audience demographics, and more, which can help you strategize on your future content development better.


Unique Content Creation Tools

In terms of the podcast creation process, Spreaker offers many outstanding tools. Let us look at three unique features that will make you adore Spreaker even more!


Podcast Drafts and Offline Recording

How many times have you mistakenly closed your podcast without saving it? Think of all the time and effort you have wasted! Fortunately, Spreaker offers a unique feature that will allow you to keep your podcasts in a draft. What’s more is that you can also record your podcast offline, and you can save it in a draft. If you want to publish it, you can do so anytime you want.


Dragging Feature

Another cool feature of Spreaker is that you no longer have to open multiple tabs or windows, and you can simply drag and drop your podcast audio and edit to your heart’s content! Managing files and recording podcasts will now become easier. Not to mention that this feature will prevent you from encountering technical issues while broadcasting.


Skype Integration

Spreaker allows users to have an option to connect to Skype, which is a convenient feature if you want guests over in your podcast. In this manner, you can invite any guest you wish worldwide with just a click of the button.


How to Get Started With Spreaker

Spreaker Plan
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Spreaker Membership Plans

We are sure that you are excited to make your podcasting dream come true! Here are the Spreaker membership plans to get you started.

Free Speech

  • 6 Months’ worth of analytics
  • Max of 10 episode uploads


On-Air Talent – $8 per month

  • Ads
  • Auto upload To Streaming Sites
  • Personalized RSS Feed


Broadcaster – $20 per month

  • App Support
  • Enhanced Private podcasts
  • Advanced analytics features
  • All On-Air Talent tier Features


Anchorman – $50 per month

  • Full Analytics features
  • Player color customization
  • All Broadcaster and On-Air Talent features


Publisher – $120 per month

  • Priority Support
  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • All features featured from lower tiers


The broadcaster membership plan is considered the bestseller as it offers a reasonably comprehensive list for just $18 per month!


How to Sign Up to Spreaker

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With very cost-efficient membership plans, you can see that the benefits you can gain will indeed generate a return on the investment in the long run. Here are the steps on how you can sign up for Spreaker:

  1. Go to Spreaker’s official website.
  2. If you have an existing Facebook or Twitter social media account, you can choose to link your Spreaker account with these accounts.
    If you do not have these social media accounts, you can sign up by providing your name, email address, and password.
  3. The next step is for you to choose your membership plan. Do note that there are no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and you can cancel at any time. If you have figured out your membership plan, you can fill in your credit card information to be billed accordingly.


How to Start a Podcast With Spreaker


To record, you have to sign in with your Spreaker account and click on the “Create Podcast” button. Here, you need to fill in your podcast name, language, category, and photo or logo of your podcast. You can also manipulate your podcasts’ visibility and the description of your podcast.

Using the app, you can record your podcast. You can upload up to 15 minutes at a minimum per episode for the free membership plan. After which, you can upload your podcast to your Spreaker account. It is important to note that Spreaker supports the following files: MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, AAC, AMR, FLAC, OGG, RA, and ASF files.

Once you have uploaded your file, you can choose to edit your podcast using Spreaker. You can cut your audio files, do overlays, or input soundtracks or sound effects. Based on the membership plan you have chosen, you can share it to select podcast streaming sites or apps or selected ones you want to prioritize.

You can upload, edit, and share your podcasts for your loyal listeners and fans in just those easy steps above.


Spreaker vs Other Podcast Websites

Buzzsprout Podcast

Photo from Buzzsprout


Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting offers an all-in-one podcasting solution, which operates very similar to Spreaker. While it is a great tool even for newbie podcasters, some reviews mentioned improving their customer service response.



Photo by Libsyn


Libsyn is another podcast hosting site that offers relatively comprehensive features for podcasters across the globe. While their features are similar to Spreaker, their membership packaging is considered to be slightly bit more expensive as compared to Spreaker.



Official SoundCloud Logo
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In terms of buzz and hype, Soundcloud has it all! However, based on user reviews, one of the negative features of Soundcloud is that absolutely anyone can upload their audio files without the necessary gatekeeping checks, which can populate the audio cloud reasonably quickly.

Spreaker Review: One-Stop Podcast Hosting for Creators

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