YIFY/YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites of 2020 (Guaranteed To Work)

YTS mirror and proxy sites to help you get YIFY torrents

Torrenting is a popular way to download huge files. It is a great way to share files that are not shareable through normal means. People also use torrents to share different forms of media. Popular sites like the Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and YTS provide users with a catalog of files. But, due to the rise of anti-piracy measures, these sites are a taboo in some countries. Now, people looking to access sites like YTS, are searching for YIFY & YTS proxy and mirror sites.

There are currently many proxies and mirror sites for various websites. But, YIFY and YTS proxy sites are some of the most popular among the torrenting community. It’ll make you wonder why are people searching for YIFY proxy and mirrors. What makes YIFY and YTS different from other torrenting sites? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss what makes them popular to the masses.

Before that, here’s a short introduction to YIFY or now known as YTS.

But, you might want to try an alternative to torrenting by subscribing to a streaming service and enjoy your favorite shows on-demand. If you need a guide on how to download torrents, don’t worry as we have an article just for you.


YIFY Proxy & Mirror: Introduction to YIFY & YTS

First of all, you may ask what is YIFY and YTS, right? Well, YIFY started in 2010 as YIFY Torrents. YIFY began with Yiftach Swery in New Zealand. Swery was experimenting with a new format for HD movies which will give them smaller file sizes. Encoding of these torrent files were all done by Yiftach himself before automation. Swery’s torrents became popular enough that it led to the birth of YIFY’s website.

YIFY’s rise faced a roadblock when access to the website got forbidden by English ISPs. But, YIFY’s popularity was still on the rise as it was a top search on other websites. In 2014, the encoding process got an upgrade and the company rebranded as YTS.

But, in 2015 YTS’s domain got suspended which led to the company transferring to another domain. In the same year, YIFY/YTS closed down for good. This was a result of an upcoming case about copyright infringement. The case settled without resistance from Yiftach Swery.

Through it all, people are still searching for “yts torrents”, “yify proxy”, “yts mirror” and “yify proxy”. This acted as a catalyst to many websites claiming to be the new YIFY/YTS. But, torrent websites are refusing to put yify torrents in their catalog.



YIFY Proxy & Mirror: Popularity

After all the shenanigans related to YIFY and YTS, their torrents are still popular to the public. Now, we’ll answer why YIFY/YTS has maintained its popularity even after the shutdown. YIFY torrents are popular because of their high video quality.

Everyone who wants to download a movie via torrents want crisp video quality. But, most HD videos need a large amount of memory space. But, Yiftach Swery changed all that when he introduced his YIFY torrents. YIFY torrents required smaller file sizes which eat less memory and downloads faster.

Surprised why people still look for yify proxy or yts proxy on the internet? YIFY torrents have great functionality and its popularity means there will be seeders.



Accessing YIFY Proxy & Mirror Sites

A YTS & YIFY proxy site looks like this
Photo taken from binge.co


Before looking for YIFY proxy sites or YTS mirrors, you should first know how to access these sites. First, you’ll have to research if your country allows access to YIFY/YTS proxies and mirrors. Countries do not ban torrenting but the piracy issues torrent download sites violate. On YIFY & YTS torrents, Australia has joined the United Kingdom in banning them. Other countries that banned access to YIFY and YTS include Greece and Ireland.

People who wish to gain access to yts proxy sites and mirrors might need to use a VPN service as well. VPNs hide your whole connection and protect you from danger on the internet. Also, it allows your connection to access prohibited sites. There are many VPNs available online that can help you stay safe when using the internet. Remember that access to these websites are illegal for a reason. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe when browsing.

But, if you’re lucky your country hasn’t restricted access to YIFY mirrors and YTS proxy sites. It is still better to have some sort of protection when browsing torrent sites.



YIFY & YTS Proxy Sites + Mirror


YIFY proxy sites allow for free downloads of movies
Photo by TheDigitalArtist via pixabay.com


Now that we’ve discussed what YIFY/YTS torrents are, its origins and why it is popular. We will give out links to proxies and mirror sites below. These links are currently working as of now and we’ve taken a look to see if it is functioning.

Proxy sites mask your connection and allow you to have access to banned websites. Mirrors are a reproduction of the main domain or website.


YIFY/YTS Main Domain:


YIFY/YTS Proxy& Mirror Sites:


Remember, it is better to use a VPN when accessing these sites to protect you and your connection. Keeping your connection encrypted at all times is the best way to go.


Safety Is Important

Always use a VPN when accessing yify proxy sites
Photo by mohammed_hassan via pixabay.com


Downloading torrents for the latest movies in crisp HD is always amazing. Add to that, YIFY torrents need minimal memory space which is always a welcome addition. Like we mentioned, whenever you’re browsing these websites be sure to have protection. Accessing through a VPN is almost a necessity if you want to visit these sites. If you’re interested, here’s a guide on how to set up a VPN. Also, we have an article that pits Nord VPN VS. Express VPN and see what is the better choice.

Another thing that you might have to consider is an updated antivirus software. Not every torrent you’ll download will be free of viruses. It is better to have an antivirus ready to scall of the files upon the completion. 

Torrent downloading can be fun but focus on your safety no matter what.


Alternatives To YIFY Proxy & Mirror Sites

If you’re having trouble with accessing YIFY proxy and mirror sites, here are a few alternatives.

The Pirate BayThe most famous torrent website on Planet Earth. This is a good choice for different kinds of torrents across media platforms. Here is an article that talks about Pirate Bay Proxy Sites.

RARBG – If you want an organized interface and detailed descriptions, RARBG is for you. Here is an article that talks about RARBG proxy and mirror sites that you might want to check out.

1337X – Works much like The Pirate Bay, good for torrents of different formats and platforms. If you’re looking for a list of 1337x proxy and mirror sites, here’s an article just for you.



We do not condone or promote the practice of piracy. Torrenting has so many good uses and it is transcendent of the piracy issues that gave it notoriety. You might also want to check out Amazon Prime Video as an alternative to torrenting.

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