GoMetro Secures £9M In Funding For Fleet Management Optimization Software


South African startup GoMetro has successfully raised £9 million ($11.4 million) in a Series A funding round led by Zenob? Energy, a renowned strategic investor in the electric bus sector. The funding will be used to further develop GoMetro’s fleet management optimization software and expand its operations globally.

Key Takeaway

GoMetro, a South African startup, has secured £9 million in Series A funding for its fleet management optimization software. Led by Zenob? Energy, the funding will support GoMetro’s global expansion, particularly in the electric bus and truck management sectors. GoMetro’s success highlights the potential of African technology companies in tackling global challenges.

The Collaboration with Zenob? Energy

Zenob? Energy, known for its financing and operation of electric buses, recognizes the importance of robust data quality in driving financing decisions. This investment in GoMetro aims to enhance the capabilities and services offered by Zenob?, particularly in the electric transport-as-a-service sector. GoMetro’s flagship product, Bridge, a telemetry and data aggregator, consolidates data from various vehicle makes and models, providing fleet managers with unified access and analysis.

Impressive Investor Lineup

The Series A funding round also saw participation from new investors such as Futuregrowth, ESquared Ventures, Kalon Venture Partners, and angel investor Greg Fury. Existing investors, including 4 Decades Capital, Hlayisani Capital, and Tritech Global, also contributed to the round. This lineup of investors reflects the confidence in GoMetro’s potential and the value it brings to the fleet management industry.

GoMetro’s Journey and Growth

Founded by civil engineer Justin Coetzee, GoMetro initially aimed to collect data for designing transportation networks in South Africa. Over the years, the company evolved and now provides a comprehensive SaaS fleet management technology platform. GoMetro currently manages a network of over 15,000 vehicles, including 1,000 electric vehicles, and has partnerships with 60 trucking and logistics companies.

Leading the Way in EV Fleet Management

GoMetro’s push into the electric vehicle (EV) category has been a significant factor in its growth. The company specializes in data management for logistics operators in South Africa, while its revenue in the UK primarily comes from electric vehicle and bus management. GoMetro’s telematics solutions for electric buses address the shortcomings of legacy technologies designed for diesel engines. With the shift towards electrification in the transportation sector, GoMetro aims to pioneer OEM-agnostic electric vehicle telematics.

Delivering Tangible Value to Clients

GoMetro’s technology actively addresses the challenge of efficiently extracting data from vehicles to enhance operational efficiency. This results in time and cost savings, reduced risks, and optimized fuel consumption for its clients. The versatile Bridge platform operates as an API service, offering various products and services on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.

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