Gizmo Secures $3.5 Million In Seed Funding To Revolutionize Learning Using Gamified Quizzes


Gizmo, the generative AI learning startup, has announced a successful seed funding round of $3.5 million led by NFX, Ada Ventures, and Capital T. This infusion of capital will enable the company to expand its platform globally, bolster its engineering team, and introduce exciting new features.

Key Takeaway

Gizmo, the AI learning startup, secures $3.5 million in seed funding to revolutionize education with its gamified quizzes and flashcards. The platform’s innovative approach to learning, powered by generative AI, aims to make education fun, engaging, and super efficient. With impressive growth and a host of exciting features on the horizon, Gizmo is poised to change the way we learn.

Engaging Learners with Gamified Quizzes

Gizmo stands out from traditional learning platforms by employing gamified quizzes to enhance learner engagement. Instead of the usual mundane learning experience, Gizmo offers an interactive and fun approach to education.

Using proprietary LLM models, Gizmo generates quizzes from users’ class notes. The AI-powered platform can extract information from various sources, including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, web pages, and even YouTube videos. Users can also import their notes from other flashcard tools like Quizlet and Anki, making it easier to transition to Gizmo.

Notecards and Collaborative Learning

Gizmo goes beyond just quizzes. Users can request the AI to create a deck of notecards from scratch based on a specific topic. These notecards can be shared privately, allowing classmates to study together or teachers to create custom decks for their students. Furthermore, Gizmo features a marketplace for public decks where users can share their flashcards with others.

The Science of Effective Learning

Gizmo incorporates learning science techniques such as active recall and spaced repetition into its quizzes. By presenting material in the form of multiple-choice questions, Gizmo facilitates memory retention and ensures efficient learning.

Petros Christodoulou, co-founder, and CEO of Gizmo, emphasized the critical role of memory in learning. He stated, “Generative AI is enabling us to create new ways to help people remember everything they learn in a fun and engaging way, and that is why we started Gizmo.”

Daily Streaks and Leaderboard

To keep users motivated, Gizmo adopts a daily streak system, similar to popular language learning app Duolingo. Users are encouraged to answer a certain number of questions each day to maintain their streak. A leaderboard allows users to compare their quiz grades and rankings among friends, adding a competitive element to the learning experience.

Subscription Model and New Features

Gizmo offers users 15 lives per day for quiz attempts. If a user runs out of lives, they can wait for 10 minutes to replenish or opt for a monthly subscription, priced at $8.80 or an annual subscription at $52.80, to enjoy unlimited lives and the ability to create unlimited AI-generated quizzes.

Looking ahead, Gizmo has exciting plans for the future. The company aims to introduce three new features in the next three months. These include a note-taking feature for users to input their own notes directly on the platform, a collaboration feature to facilitate group studying and quizzing, and the addition of a direct question-answering functionality powered by AI.


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