Getsafe Expands With Acquisition Of Student Loan Platform


European insurtech company Getsafe has made a significant move by acquiring deineStudienfinanzierung, a German digital platform for student loans. This acquisition marks Getsafe’s second in recent months, demonstrating the company’s commitment to growth and expansion.

Key Takeaway

Getsafe’s acquisition of deineStudienfinanzierung signifies a strategic expansion into the student finance market, laying the groundwork for future engagement with young individuals and potential insurance clients.

Acquisition Details

Getsafe’s acquisition of deineStudienfinanzierung includes the retention of all team members, ensuring continuity and stability for the platform. The acquisition allows deineStudienfinanzierung to continue operating independently, maintaining its focus on assisting students with online applications for publicly subsidized loans offered by the German state bank KfW.

Meeting Future Clients

By acquiring deineStudienfinanzierung, Getsafe gains an opportunity to connect with its future clients at an earlier stage. The platform’s focus on student financing aligns with Getsafe’s vision of engaging with young individuals in a digital-first approach.

Strategic Synergies

While both businesses plan to operate separately, Getsafe anticipates potential synergies between the two, aiming to establish a strong presence in the fintech space for students. This strategic move allows Getsafe to build relationships with potential clients before they enter the job market, positioning the company as a trusted partner for their future insurance needs.

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