Getaround Announces Workforce Reduction In North America


Getaround, a car-sharing company, has announced a significant workforce reduction in North America as part of its restructuring efforts. The company aims to cut costs and accelerate its path to profitability through this strategic move.

Key Takeaway

Getaround, a car-sharing company, is implementing a workforce reduction in North America as part of its restructuring efforts to achieve profitability and sustainable growth. The company aims to cut costs and extend its cash runway through this strategic move.

Restructuring for Cost Reduction

Getaround is restructuring its workforce and operations to reduce costs and extend its cash runway. The company is taking this step to achieve a leaner path to profitability and ensure sustainable business growth. As a result, it plans to cut 30% of its North American workforce, which is expected to yield approximately $7 million in annualized run-rate savings.

Financial Impact and CEO’s Statement

The restructuring is anticipated to incur up to $1 million in costs related to the workforce reductions. Getaround’s CEO, Sam Zaid, emphasized the company’s focus on profitability and sustainable growth, stating, “Our focus on profitability and sustainable business growth necessitated this difficult workforce reduction program.” He highlighted the progress made in revenue growth, unit economics, and operating efficiency, as well as the deployment of new technologies to enhance safety and economics in the marketplace.

Financial Performance and Future Outlook

Despite reporting a 42% year-over-year increase in revenue growth, Getaround is still striving for profitability. The company’s third-quarter earnings revealed significant operating expenses and a net GAAP loss, indicating ongoing financial challenges. While Getaround has made advancements in revenue growth and operational enhancements, achieving profitability remains a key objective for the company.

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