Fisker Ocean SUV Under NHTSA Investigation For Braking Issues


Federal safety regulators have initiated an investigation into Fisker’s Ocean SUV due to reported braking problems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has disclosed that it is looking into the loss of braking performance in the electric vehicle. This move comes in response to nine complaints, one of which involved a crash resulting in an unspecified injury.

Key Takeaway

Fisker’s electric Ocean SUV is under investigation by NHTSA due to reported loss of braking performance, with nine complaints and one crash incident being the focus of the probe.

Investigation Details

The NHTSA is specifically focusing on nine complaints related to the loss of braking performance in Fisker’s Ocean SUV. One of these incidents led to a crash and an unspecified injury. The agency has classified this investigation as a preliminary evaluation.

Challenges for Fisker

Amidst this investigation, Fisker is also facing challenges related to lower-than-expected demand and a failure to meet internal sales goals. The company reported delivering approximately 4,700 SUVs worldwide in 2023, falling short of its projections. Additionally, there have been reports of various issues raised by owners since the vehicle’s launch, including problems with the gear shifter, driver door, and the vehicle’s hood suddenly flying up on the highway.

Owner Complaints

Owners have submitted a total of 19 complaints to NHTSA, citing concerns such as brake loss and issues with the regenerative braking system. One owner reported a crash in slightly rainy conditions, where the vehicle’s brake “vibrated and felt more plastic than elastic,” resulting in a mild collision. The agency highlighted that the Ocean can experience “partial loss of braking over low traction surfaces, without alerting the driver,” leading to a sudden increase in stopping distance.

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