Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Criticizes Apple’s Response To EU Fine


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has spoken out against Apple’s reaction to the European Commission’s €1.84 billion fine over anticompetitive practices. The fine was imposed in favor of Spotify, citing Apple’s anti-steering clauses that restricted music streamers from directing users to their websites.

Key Takeaway

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has criticized Apple’s reaction to the European Commission’s €1.84 billion fine over anticompetitive practices, emphasizing the historical relationship between Apple and app developers.

Apple’s Response

Sweeney criticized Apple’s response to the fine, referring to it as “bitter griping” and highlighting the company’s historical relationship with app developers. He emphasized the mutual benefits that both parties derived from the arrangement, suggesting that Apple’s current stance reflects a shift from its original position.

Legal Battles

Epic Games has been embroiled in legal disputes with Apple and Google over app store practices, particularly regarding the distribution of its popular game, Fortnite, to iOS users. While the company succeeded in its case against Google, its battle with Apple resulted in a mixed outcome, with the court ruling in favor of certain concessions for app developers.

Relevance to U.S. Case

Sweeney suggested that the EU’s decision holds relevance to the ongoing legal proceedings in the U.S., particularly in the context of Epic v Apple. He highlighted the issue of “malicious compliance” by Apple and its implications for the court’s anti-steering injunction.

Industry Response

Spotify also reacted to the fine, acknowledging it as a “powerful message” while expressing caution about Apple’s track record in adhering to regulatory measures. The impact of the EU’s decision was reflected in Apple’s stock performance, with investors reacting to the news.

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