Elon Musk’s Tesla Robot Demonstrates Laundry Folding Ability


Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur, showcased Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot folding a t-shirt on a table at a development facility. The robot appeared to perform the task competently, but Musk later shared additional information that tempered the enthusiasm for the robot’s domestic capabilities.

Key Takeaway

Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot demonstrated its ability to fold laundry in a pre-scripted demo, but it currently lacks autonomous functionality and faces significant challenges before becoming a fully operational domestic assistant.

Technical Demonstration

The video shared by Musk reveals Optimus folding a shirt with deliberate movements. However, it was clarified that the robot was not operating autonomously, highlighting the current limitations in its capabilities.

Challenges and Future Prospects

Musk emphasized that while the robot is expected to achieve full autonomy in the future, significant hurdles remain. The scripted nature of the demonstration, including the fixed height table and single article of clothing, underscores the current artificial constraints.

Realistic Assessment

Despite the impressive technical aspects of the robot’s movements, it is essential to recognize the distinction between scripted activities and true artificial intelligence. Musk’s acknowledgment of the remaining challenges indicates that the path to a fully functional domestic servant is far from straightforward.

Future Timeline

Musk’s ambitious timeline of ‘within three to five years’ for the robot’s development has been met with skepticism, considering the current state of the technology. As such, the practical implications of Optimus as a household assistant may still be a distant prospect.


While Tesla’s demonstration of the laundry-folding robot is a testament to technical prowess, it is important to temper expectations regarding its immediate impact on domestic tasks. The current state of the robot indicates that significant advancements are required before it can function as a fully autonomous and capable household assistant.

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