Discord Updates Hateful Conduct Policy To Ban Misgendering And Deadnaming


Discord has recently updated its hateful conduct policy to explicitly prohibit the act of misgendering and deadnaming individuals, particularly targeting transgender people. The platform’s expanded policy, which was internally adopted in 2022, has been made public this month as part of an annual review to provide more transparency.

Key Takeaway

Discord has updated its hateful conduct policy to explicitly ban misgendering and deadnaming, aiming to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all users, particularly transgender individuals.

Policy Overview

The updated policy defines hate speech as any expression that degrades, vilifies, or dehumanizes individuals, incites intense feelings of hostility towards defined groups, or promotes harm based on protected characteristics. It explicitly states that users are prohibited from repeatedly using slurs to degrade individuals or groups, including deadnaming or misgendering a transgender person.

Platform’s Response

A Discord spokesperson mentioned that the platform continually evaluates potential harms and updates its policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for users. Discord also encourages users to report violating content and suggests removing themselves from spaces where hateful conduct is prevalent.

Industry Impact

Discord’s move to explicitly address and ban misgendering and deadnaming makes it one of the few social media platforms to take such a stance. This update follows a similar move by Post, which recently updated its content rules to prohibit the denial of an individual’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

Advocacy Response

LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD has applauded Discord’s policy update and urged other social media platforms to adopt similar measures to protect trans users. GLAAD has been actively advocating for explicit prohibitions against targeted misgendering and deadnaming, citing the prevalence of such practices as tools for attacking and harassing trans individuals.

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