Catalog: The B2B Commerce Platform For Small Companies


When it comes to commerce platforms, the focus is often on big names like Adobe Commerce or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. However, small companies with sales volumes ranging from $5 million to $20 million per year often struggle to find a suitable solution to manage their operations. This is where Catalog, a French startup, comes into play with its innovative approach to B2B sales management.

Key Takeaway

Catalog, a B2B commerce platform, is designed to seamlessly integrate with small companies’ existing tech stack, providing a streamlined solution for managing B2B sales across various channels.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tech Stack

Catalog aims to seamlessly manage B2B sales across various channels for companies with revenue ranging from $5 to $100 million per year. Unlike larger platforms, Catalog integrates tightly with the existing tech stack of the targeted companies, particularly those managing a significant portion of their B2B activity in their ERP. This approach eliminates the need to duplicate existing ERP functionalities, offering a more streamlined solution for small businesses.

Supporting Diverse Sales Channels

Catalog supports different sales channels, including an online portal for direct product selection and price checking. Additionally, it serves as a companion tool for the sales team, providing access to the catalog, order history, and pricing information. Moreover, the platform utilizes AI models to transform inbound emails into orders, serving as a single source of truth for incoming orders.

Marketing Opportunity and Funding

Besides its primary function as a sales management platform, Catalog also presents marketing opportunities for existing customers. The startup recently secured a €3 million funding round, with plans to expand its services and features. By focusing on small and medium businesses, Catalog aims to offer tailored services that address the specific needs of these companies.

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