Capsule Launches AI-Powered Video Editor For Enterprise Teams


Capsule, a startup that has been harnessing the power of AI in video editing, is finally making its product available to the public after three years of development. Unlike other video editing tools, Capsule’s AI editor is not designed to replace humans in the editing process, but rather to assist content and marketing teams in producing videos at a much faster pace. The company claims that its AI editor can help teams create videos ten times faster than before.

Key Takeaway

Capsule has launched an AI-powered video editor that aims to help enterprise teams produce videos ten times faster than before. The editor addresses pain points such as difficulties in video editing, strict brand guidelines, and the need for collaboration. It offers an intuitive user interface and performs video editing directly in the browser.

Addressing Pain Points in Video Editing

Capsule has taken into consideration the challenges faced by its customers in video editing and motion graphics. Many teams struggle with strict brand guidelines and the need for collaboration on video projects. Consequently, most video production is outsourced to professionals. However, Capsule aims to simplify the video editing process by providing an intuitive user interface that utilizes AI to streamline editing. What’s more, video editing takes place directly in the browser, eliminating the need for a high-spec computer.

New Features and Performance Updates

Since securing $4.75 million in funding earlier this year, Capsule has made significant improvements to its product. It now offers numerous new features and performance updates to facilitate scalable video creation for enterprises. Users without formal editing experience can easily add text and motion graphics with the help of AI. Additionally, Capsule’s AI can generate components like headlines and images for B-roll.

The team at Capsule is actively developing collaboration features that will enable seamless teamwork for copywriters, product designers, motion designers, video editors, and marketing teams. All parties involved in a project can collaborate within the Capsule platform.

CapsuleScript: The Language Behind the AI

Capsule’s video editing capabilities are powered by CapsuleScript, a video scripting language that has been developed over several years. CapsuleScript is designed to work within the browser, where it combines a layout and animation engine similar to CSS with dynamic expressions and modular components akin to JavaScript. It also supports resolution-independent motion graphics like SVG. In the future, Capsule plans to open up CapsuleScript to the community, allowing designers and developers to enhance its capabilities.

Public Beta Launch

After beta-testing with over 160 companies, including HubSpot, Suzy, and Zapier, Capsule is now launching its product in public beta. The startup has already accumulated a waitlist of 10,000 individuals eager to gain access to its video editing solution.

For individual business users who sign up with a company email, Capsule’s video editor is available for free. Enterprise pricing is set per seat and is competitive with other creative tools aimed at enterprises, such as Figma.

To date, Capsule has raised $7.75 million in funding from investors including Bloomberg Beta, Array Ventures, Swift Ventures, and notable angels in the tech industry.

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