Breathe Battery Technologies: Revolutionizing Lithium-ion Batteries With Software


As lithium-ion batteries continue to advance in terms of energy density and cost, Ian Campbell, co-founder and CEO of Breathe Battery Technologies, believes that there is still untapped potential in existing battery designs. Campbell and his team have developed cutting-edge software that can optimize the performance of lithium-ion batteries, improving both charging speed and longevity.

Key Takeaway

Breathe Battery Technologies has created advanced software, Charge and Life, that enhances the performance of lithium-ion batteries. This software reduces charging times and prevents battery degradation, ensuring longer lifespan for various devices. With the potential to revolutionize the automotive sector, Breathe Battery Technologies is making significant progress with undisclosed automotive partners. Through recent funding, the company is poised to expand its impact in the battery industry.

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Unlocking Performance with Software

With years of expertise in battery charging and failure analysis, Campbell and his team have created two software solutions, Charge and Life, that enhance the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries. Charge significantly reduces charging times, with a remarkable 27% reduction in charging time for a standard battery type used in warehouse robots. On the other hand, Life focuses on extending battery lifespan. According to Breathe Battery Technologies, their software can prevent significant battery degradation, allowing the Oppo Reno8 Series phones to maintain 80% capacity even after four years of usage.

By incorporating Breathe Battery Technologies’ software into their products, customers can enjoy longer-lasting laptops, cars, and electronic devices. Additionally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from increased product sustainability, enhanced warrantability, and reduced balance sheet risk. Campbell believes that the real breakthrough will be in the automotive sector, where the demand for lithium-ion batteries is projected to rise exponentially as electric vehicles gain popularity.

Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

While Campbell cannot disclose specific automotive customers, he has confirmed that Breathe Battery Technologies is in advanced discussions with several companies in the industry. As electric vehicles continue to dominate the market, with an estimated 60% of lithium-ion batteries produced globally dedicated to automotive applications, Campbell is excited about the potential impact of their software in this sector.

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The Path to Success

Breathe Battery Technologies has recently secured a $10 million Series A funding round, led by Lowercarbon Capital and featuring participation from Speedinvest. This investment will enable the company to further develop their software and expand their presence in various industries.

The software developed by Breathe Battery Technologies can be seamlessly integrated into standard microcontrollers used in electric vehicles and electronic devices. This compatibility ensures that their technology can be easily adopted without significant hardware modifications.

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