Apple Revises DMA Rules, But Core Technology Fee Remains Intact


Apple has announced revisions to its Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules in response to pressure from the app developer community. However, the controversial “Core Technology Fee” remains unchanged for EU app developers who opt into the new business terms.

Key Takeaway

Apple has revised its DMA rules in response to feedback from the app developer community, but the controversial “Core Technology Fee” remains unchanged for EU app developers.

Concessions and Changes

Apple’s revisions include smaller concessions driven by feedback from app developers. Corporate entities will no longer be required to sign up for the new DMA terms along with all their sub-accounts. Additionally, a stand-by letter of credit will no longer be necessary. Furthermore, developers will have the option for a one-time switch back to the existing terms under certain circumstances.

Core Technology Fee

Despite these changes, the major complaint regarding the introduction of the “Core Technology Fee” remains unaddressed. This fee requires developers to pay Apple €0.50 for each first annual install per year over a 1 million threshold for apps distributed outside the App Store.

Industry Backlash

Larger developers such as Spotify and Epic Games have strongly criticized Apple’s compliance with the DMA, labeling it as “extortion” and “bad-faith” compliance. Other tech companies, including Meta, Mozilla, and Microsoft, have also voiced their concerns and criticized Apple’s DMA rules.

Fee Structure

Despite the revisions, Apple has not made any adjustments to its fee structure. The company has focused on addressing terms that were less compliant, such as the requirement for a letter of credit from a financial institution.

Developer Community Response

Apple’s changes to the DMA rules have been met with mixed reactions from the developer community. While some adjustments have been made, concerns regarding the Core Technology Fee and other aspects of the new terms persist.

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