Adobe Unveils Project Fast Fill: Generative Fill For Video Editing


Adobe has showcased its latest groundbreaking technology at its MAX conference, providing a glimpse into the future of its Creative Cloud applications. With a focus on generative artificial intelligence (AI), Adobe is expanding its capabilities from photo editing to video editing with Project Fast Fill.

Key Takeaway

Adobe introduces Project Fast Fill, enabling video editors to remove objects or change backgrounds effortlessly using generative fill technology. This feature, along with other AI-driven projects showcased at MAX, demonstrates Adobe’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and enhancing user workflows.

Revolutionizing Video Editing

Project Fast Fill brings the same generative fill technology introduced in Photoshop to video editing, allowing editors to easily remove objects or change backgrounds in videos as if they were working with a still image. The process is simple – users input a text prompt, and the AI takes care of the rest. This powerful feature automatically propagates the edits to the entire scene, even in complex scenarios with changing lighting conditions.

AI-powered tools have been increasingly utilized in video editing software, including competitors of Adobe Premiere Pro. However, Adobe’s work in developing its own Firefly models puts it at a significant advantage, potentially making generative fill a standout feature.

Enhancing Illustrator with AI

Alongside Project Fast Fill, Adobe also showcased Project Draw & Delight, which further demonstrates the capabilities of AI in vector drawing. Users can create a rough sketch accompanied by a text prompt, and Adobe’s AI transforms it into a polished vector drawing. This project aligns with Adobe’s recent launch of generative AI features for Illustrator, expanding on their commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative tools.

Streamlining the Creative Process

Project Poseable represents another AI-centric project from Adobe, aiming to simplify the creation of prototypes and storyboards. By leveraging AI technology, users can easily pose and render 3D character scenes without having to meticulously edit each detail manually. This innovation greatly accelerates the creative process for designers and artists.

Looking Ahead

While these advancements showcased at MAX hold great promise, it remains to be seen how well they will perform outside of the demo environment and whether they will ultimately be integrated into Adobe’s suite of products. However, the potential impact of Project Fast Fill in video editing suggests that we may see its implementation in Adobe’s video tools sooner rather than later.

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