Adobe Unveils Project Stardust: A Glimpse Into The Future Of AI Photo Editing


Adobe has officially launched Project Stardust at its MAX conference, offering a sneak peek into the potential of its next-generation AI-powered photo editing engine. This advanced tool, powered by Firefly Model 2, allows users to easily delete objects and people from images, change backgrounds, and more. With the aim of empowering users to tap into their creativity, Adobe is leveraging AI technology to revolutionize image editing.

Key Takeaway

Adobe’s Project Stardust offers a glimpse into the future of AI photo editing, enabling users to easily manipulate and enhance their images using advanced AI technology.

It’s important to note that Project Stardust is currently only a public preview of the technologies Adobe is developing behind the scenes. However, since Stardust builds upon existing Firefly-based AI tools, it’s highly likely that we will see more of this innovation in the near future. By combining object recognition models and AI-powered features such as generative fill, Adobe is simplifying and streamlining the image editing process.

The Power of Project Stardust

Similar to Google’s Magic Editor on Android, Project Stardust aims to make complex image editing tasks effortless. With a live demo of the service, Adobe’s director of product management showcased its capabilities. Users start by uploading their own photo, and Firefly analyzes the image to identify different objects, creating layers for each item. Moving objects around becomes as simple as dragging and dropping, with AI tools seamlessly filling in any gaps. Furthermore, users can easily add new objects to a scene, with multiple options provided by the service.

Adobe has harnessed over a dozen AI models to power Stardust’s wide array of features. The rapid advancement of this technology has now reached a point where what once seemed like magic a few years ago is now becoming the norm. With Google also showcasing similar capabilities, the focus has shifted from being amazed by the technology itself to exploring the long-term implications for the world of photography.

As Adobe continues to refine Project Stardust and explore the capabilities of AI, we can expect a future where photo editing becomes even more intuitive and accessible.

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