Kit Plugins Raises $1 Million In Funding To Enhance Music Production


Kit Plugins, a music software development startup based in Nashville, has successfully raised $1 million in seed funding, with Copycat Holdings leading the investment round. The startup specializes in providing digital audio emulations of rare analog gear, offering producers and musicians the opportunity to enhance their sound quality in the recording studio.

Key Takeaway

Kit Plugins raises

million in funding to further develop their range of audio plugins, enabling musicians and producers to emulate the sounds of rare analog gear. The startup’s partnership with renowned music studios and their mission to integrate artificial intelligence into their technology demonstrate their commitment to supporting creatives in the music industry.

Founder’s Vision

The company was founded in 2020 by CEO Matt Kleinman, an experienced audio engineer and producer who has worked with renowned artists such as Fifth Harmony and Big Machine Records. Kleinman recognized the need for digital audio emulations, commonly known as audio plugins, in the music industry. He identified a market gap and sought to bridge it by developing software out of Blackbird Studio’s impressive collection of analog gear.

Blackbird Studio, owned by John McBride, is widely known for its extensive collection of vintage equipment. Kleinman had the privilege of accessing this exceptional gear, which inspired him to create a plugin that could accurately recreate the unique sounds produced by the analog equipment. Collaborating with Blackbird Studio, Kleinman founded Kit Plugins to bring this concept to life.

Expanding Partnerships

Kit Plugins has recently formed a partnership with the Norman Petty Recording Studio. This collaboration allows the startup to integrate audio gear that has not been used in years into their plugin offerings. Currently, the company is in the process of developing three plugins that emulate the distinct sounds of the studio’s vintage equipment.

Analog Emulation

The primary focus of Kit Plugins is analog emulation, a process that involves converting physical electronic equipment, such as preamplifiers and equalizers, into software. By downloading the software onto their computers, musicians and producers can capture the same high-quality sound as if they were running their recordings through the physical gear. This software-based approach not only offers affordability, as vintage equipment can be prohibitively expensive, but also provides convenience for professionals who cannot travel with their physical gear.

Current Success and Growth

With its current collection of nine audio plugins ranging in price from $29 to $200, Kit Plugins has acquired over 6,000 paid customers. Since its launch, the startup has seen a consistent monthly growth rate, with an average of 9% growth in paid customers and a 14% increase in orders.

Future Aspirations

Kit Plugins aims to become more than just a plugin company. The startup envisions creating a collaborative platform where people from the music industry can come together and work on projects. To achieve this, they have recently launched a subsidiary brand called NOIZ Hub, which offers educational content for the audio community through its YouTube channel.

Moreover, Kit Plugins intends to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance its offerings. The company believes that AI can support creatives by providing tools and assistance rather than replacing their expertise. Matt Kleinman’s long-term goal is to build a platform that helps aspiring musicians and producers learn and discover the right tools, making music production more accessible and enjoyable.

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