New AI Platform Auctoria Revolutionizes Video Game Asset Creation


In a bid to streamline the time-consuming process of creating video game assets, Polish VR game developer Carbon Studio has launched Auctoria, a platform that leverages generative AI technology to generate 3D video game models. Auctoria aims to support game development professionals and enthusiasts alike with its advanced tools and limitless creative potential. By using AI algorithms developed in-house, the platform can create entire 3D game levels, convert images and textures into 3D models, and even transform sketches into digital assets.

Key Takeaway

Auctoria is an innovative platform that harnesses generative AI to generate 3D video game assets, revolutionizing the game development process. With its advanced capabilities and comprehensive toolset, Auctoria sets itself apart from competitors in the nascent market for AI-based video game asset creation. As the platform prepares for general availability in the coming months, the Auctoria team is actively seeking partnerships with game development studios and aims to raise funds to enhance its infrastructure and user experience.

Advancing Game Development with AI

Auctoria was born out of the team’s desire to address the manual and laborious process of creating video game environments. Co-founder Aleksander Caban recognized the need for automation and joined forces with Michal Buga?a, Joanna Zaj?c, Karolina Koszuta, and B?a?ej Szaflik to develop Auctoria. The platform’s generative AI technology enables the creation of a wide variety of 3D video game assets, pushing the boundaries of creativity in game development.

Diverse Capabilities and Independent Development

Auctoria distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a robust and comprehensive toolset. Users can generate entire 3D game levels, convert images into 3D models, and transform sketches into usable digital assets. Built entirely in-house, Auctoria does not rely on external engines or open-source solutions, setting it apart from other AI-based software in the market.

A Growing Market and Unique Value Proposition

The demand for AI tools in generating game assets is evident, as the 3D models market is projected to reach $3.57 billion by 2028. Auctoria’s two-year development cycle has allowed the platform to provide a ready-to-use product with unmatched capabilities. While competitors primarily offer 3D editors and plugins, Auctoria offers a comprehensive solution for creating complete 3D world models.

The Path Ahead for Auctoria

As with all generative AI startups, Auctoria will face legal challenges surrounding AI-generated media. However, the Auctoria team is currently focused on partnering with game development studios, including Carbon Studio, to pilot the platform. In preparation for its general availability, Auctoria plans to raise funds of up to $5 million to enhance back-end cloud services, improve user experience, and expand its small core team.

With its launch on the horizon, Auctoria is poised to revolutionize the game development industry by leveraging generative AI to simplify and accelerate the creation of video game assets.

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