Leonardo.Ai Raises $31M To Fuel Growth Of Generative AI Art Platform


Sydney-based generative AI art platform, Leonardo.Ai, has secured $31 million in a recent funding round to further develop and expand its innovative platform. The funding was led by investors such as Blackbird, Side Stage Ventures, Smash Capital, TIRTA Ventures, Gaorong Capital, and Samsung Next.

Key Takeaway

Sydney-based Leonardo.Ai secures $31 million in funding to advance its generative AI art platform, catering to creative industries such as gaming, advertising, fashion, and architecture. The platform stands out by offering users a high level of control over the artistic process, allowing them to achieve their desired outcomes. Leonardo.Ai’s recent funding will support its expansion into the B2B market and facilitate the hiring of additional team members.

Revolutionizing AI Art Production

Leonardo.Ai, founded in 2020, has already gained significant traction, amassing an impressive seven million users since its inception. These users have collectively generated over 700 million images through the platform. The company recently introduced its enterprise version, which offers collaboration tools, private cloud hosting, and access to APIs for customers to build their own tech infrastructure.

Targeting Creative Industries

Leonardo.Ai caters to a wide range of creative industries, including gaming, advertising, fashion, and architecture. The platform allows users to save, edit, and build multiple assets in the same artistic style for reuse. Additionally, users have the option to develop and train their own models for image generation. The versatility and adaptability of Leonardo.Ai make it a useful tool for various applications, such as creating storyboards for video production or designing mockups of gaming characters.

Putting Control in the Hands of Users

One aspect that sets Leonardo.Ai apart from other generative AI art platforms is its focus on user control. The platform empowers users by providing a high degree of control over the artistic process. For instance, the Live Canvas feature allows users to enter a text prompt and make a quick sketch, prompting Leonardo.Ai to generate a photorealistic image in real-time based on both the text and sketch inputs. This level of control enhances the utility and practicality of the platform, ensuring users can achieve their desired outcomes.

Expanding the B2B Market

While initially targeting game asset content creation, Leonardo.Ai has expanded its vision to serve a broader range of use cases. The company’s future strategy involves further developing the platform’s business-to-business (B2B) aspects to meet the needs of various industries. The recent funding will enable Leonardo.Ai to bolster its sales and marketing teams and expand its engineering department to support the growth of its enterprise product.

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