Acorai’s Breakthrough Heart Monitoring Device Gains Attention With Oversubscribed Seed Round


Swedish medical device startup Acorai is making waves with its innovative approach to heart failure monitoring. The company’s proprietary sensing hardware and machine learning software aim to provide a non-invasive solution for monitoring heart pressure, offering a more accessible alternative to traditional invasive procedures.

Key Takeaway

Acorai’s breakthrough heart monitoring device offers a non-invasive and accessible solution for estimating intracardiac pressures, potentially revolutionizing the way clinicians manage heart failure patients. With a focus on clinical validation and regulatory approval, the company is poised to make a significant impact in the field of cardiac care.

Revolutionizing Heart Failure Monitoring

Acorai’s novel Heart Monitor device is designed to provide clinicians with valuable insights into the pressures inside the chambers of the heart, without the need for invasive procedures. By leveraging a multipronged sensing system, the device can pick up various signals through the patient’s chest, including vibrations, sounds, visual blood flow readings, and electrical activity. This innovative approach allows for the estimation of intracardiac pressure through non-invasive means, offering a more patient-friendly and accessible solution.

Targeting a Global Need

With an estimated 60 million suspected or confirmed heart failure patients worldwide, Acorai’s technology has the potential to make a significant impact on patient care. By providing a non-invasive and convenient method for monitoring heart pressures, the company aims to address the current limitations in accessing invasive procedures, which only a small percentage of patients undergo.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Clinical Validation

Acorai’s handheld unit incorporates seismic sensors, acoustic sensors, visual sensors, and ECG sensors, drawing inspiration from non-medical industries to develop a robust and accurate monitoring solution. The company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze the raw sensor data to estimate patients’ intracardiac pressures directly, providing clinicians with clinically meaningful information. The device has demonstrated strong correlation with invasive gold-standard measurements, showcasing its potential to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Acorai’s recent oversubscribed seed round, led by Solardis Health Ventures, highlights the growing interest and support for the company’s innovative approach. With plans to pursue FDA approval and expand its clinical studies, Acorai is positioned to drive meaningful advancements in heart failure monitoring, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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