32 Robotics Companies With Job Openings For Roboticists


If you are a roboticist looking for new opportunities, you are in luck. Despite the challenges faced by the tech industry in recent years, the field of robotics has remained relatively insulated. With a wide range of companies, from established corporations to emerging startups, there are numerous job openings waiting to be filled.

Key Takeaway

The robotics industry continues to offer numerous job opportunities, with a wide range of companies actively seeking to fill various roles. This presents a favorable environment for roboticists looking to advance their careers.

Job Opportunities in Robotics

Here are some of the robotics companies currently looking to fill roles:

  • Agtonomy (7 roles)
  • Aigen (4 roles)
  • Amazon Robotics (139 roles)
  • ANYbotics (27 roles)
  • Automated Architecture Ltd (1 role)
  • Baubot (15 roles)
  • Beacon AI (2 roles)
  • Berkshire Grey (20 roles)
  • BHS Robotics (3 roles)
  • Chef Robotics (8 roles)
  • Clockwork (4 roles)
  • Dexterity (40 roles)
  • farm-ng (6 roles)
  • Forcen Inc. (5 roles)
  • Formic (7 roles)
  • Foxglove (4 roles)
  • GrayMatter Robotics (20 roles)
  • Hyphen Technologies Inc. (3 roles)
  • Kodiak (23 roles)
  • Matic Robots (13 roles)
  • Neya Systems (7 roles)
  • Nimble Robotics (8 roles)
  • Pudu Robotics (3 roles)
  • Reframe Systems (2 roles)
  • Renovate Robotics (1 role)
  • Sanctuary AI (11 roles)
  • Scythe Robotics (15 roles)
  • Skip (2 roles)
  • Symbotic (20 roles)
  • The AI Institute (20 roles)
  • Vayu Robotics (4 roles)
  • Vention (19 roles)


With the demand for roboticists on the rise, these companies are offering a variety of roles, providing options for those who prefer the stability of a large corporation or the innovation of a startup environment. If you are considering a career in robotics, now may be the perfect time to explore the available opportunities.

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