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Installing PlayOn Media Center On PC And Mobile: The Ultimate Guide

Playon is a handy media manager for anyone

PlayOn Desktop. Ever heard of this media app for PC and cloud use? If not, it’s about time. If you have an expansive media library of games, movies, TV series, and the like, you’ll need this. And it doubles as a platform for streaming services as well. You can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and tons more.

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Be glad too, because installing and using PlayOn Desktop (as well as PlayOn Cloud) is super easy. What follows is your ultimate guide for installing, using, and troubleshooting this handy Windows app.


What Does PlayOn Do?

If you’re a modern entertainment aficionado, you have at least one device to watch your streams. Most people will have a PC with them (this is a desktop program, after all). Installing PlayOn on your computer extends its connection capabilities with other applicable devices. It helps streamline your digital content consumption for a more hassle-free experience. And for those without a PC, you can opt for PlayOn Cloud instead.

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The app doesn’t only stream, too. You can record your favorite shows if you want to watch them again. Set the app to record from any streaming service you have without having to worry about a recording cap. Your hard drive’s capacity is the only limit you have when recording content. All video is recordable in 720p HD. People often mention this handy cross-device compatibility in almost every PlayOn review. If you’re looking to try out a streaming service for anime, here’s our article talking about the Crunchyroll VS Funimation debate.

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PlayOn Free Vs Paid

Anyone can also opt for the free version instead, though it’s limited. The free version only allows three main features:

  • Manage your digital media library, including movies, TV series episodes, photos, and music. You can browse all your content and stream it to any connected media device within the vicinity.
  • You get access to PlayOn Picks. Every month, the app recommends a series of trending videos across different platforms. Furthermore, free users can try out the paid features for a limited time.
  • All channels are available for PC users to check out. The app arranges these platforms in an easy-to-navigate interface for quick access. Have your choice and start streaming without needing to open a browser.



Setting Up The PlayOn App (Desktop And Cloud)

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Are you convinced yet? Then, it is time to install PlayOn. This guide provides instructions on everything you have to know about the app. So take time to read and understand each item.

  • First, never forget to see if your computer can handle the app. Check out the system requirements for desktop and see if your system matches. Anything lower, and your device won’t even be able to install all PlayOn plugins and features. Here’s what your PC must have:

– Windows 10, 8/8.1, or 7

– Internet Explorer 9 or better as the recommended web browser.

– At least 512 Megabytes of memory (1 GB recommended)

– Active internet connection


Step by Step Set-Up

  • Create a free account by visiting the PlayOn site. Sign up with your details then click “sign in.” This account is the one you’ll use to login to the app, whether you’re a free or paid user.
  • Visit Click the “download free now” at the bottom and the executable file will download.
  • Double click on the executable, agree to the terms and conditions (check the box), and click “install.” Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Launch PlayOn. When prompted, click “yes.”
  • In the app, click “next” on the quick start guide until you get to “device setup.” This is where you’ll get to customize your experience on the PlayOn Desktop PC app.
  • Notice that there are 11 supported devices. Try to see if you have any or all these devices. Everything on the list has an individual setup guide that’s easy to follow. But we’ll leave that out for you to handle, to save time. The setup instructions are clear and brief.
  • After every device you have is set up, click “Done.” The installation closes and you’ll need to launch the PlayOn app to log in. Use the account you created on the app’s website.
  • For PlayOn Cloud, setting up is almost identical to the desktop version. Create your free account, then login to confirm.
  • Go to and find the Google Play/Apple Store tabs below. Click either one that applies to your device. It will then redirect you as the download process commences.
  • Follow all installation prompts until everything is at 100%. Then, you can now set up your preferred devices.


Get Jiggy With It

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At last, it’s time to use your PlayOn app. Whether you have the desktop or cloud version, operation is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Keep in mind that the desktop and cloud versions have easy-to-understand instructions. This also goes for other devices that you want to set up. Make sure you own at least one of these to take full advantage of PlayOn’s features:

  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV / Fire Stick
  • Roku
  • Samsung Blu-ray player
  • PS3, PS4
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Switch, Wii U
  • Any Android device
  • iPhone, iPad, iTouch


Final Thoughts

Today’s entertainment options are almost endless. There is a massive catalog of content for everyone to enjoy. TV series, blockbuster films, video games, and everything else under the sun. But PlayOn can help streamline your entertainment choices. Not only that, you’ll be able to share what you love with your family and friends. All you need is set their device(s) up, and it’s done.

The convenience is palpable and an essential part of making sure you never miss anything. Try out the app today and experience its capabilities for yourself. If you’re looking to a streaming service, check out Amazon Instant Video today! If you want to know about how to download movies and videos, we have an ultimate guide to help you out.

Installing PlayOn Media Center On PC And Mobile: The Ultimate Guide

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