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How To Download Free Music On IPad Without Computer



Listening to music is one of the primary uses of iPads for many users. While streaming music has become increasingly popular, there are still times when you may want to download music directly to your iPad for offline listening. Fortunately, there are various methods available to download free music on your iPad without the need for a computer.

In this article, we will explore three different methods that you can use to download free music on your iPad. Whether you prefer using music streaming apps, downloading from free music websites, or utilizing free music download apps, we’ve got you covered. Each method has its own advantages and offers a convenient way to enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

Before we dive into the specific methods, it is essential to note that downloading copyrighted music for free without permission from the artist or copyright holder is illegal. However, there are plenty of legal sources that offer free music, such as independent artists and platforms that offer music under Creative Commons licenses. Always make sure to respect the rights of artists and choose legal sources for downloading music.

Now, let’s explore the three methods for downloading free music on your iPad without a computer. Whether you want to create a personalized playlist for a party or simply enjoy your favorite songs while offline, these methods will help you achieve just that.


Method 1: Using Music Streaming Apps

Music streaming apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering users access to a vast library of music from various genres and artists. Many of these apps also provide the option to download songs for offline listening, making them a convenient choice for downloading free music on your iPad.

One of the most popular music streaming apps is Spotify. With a free Spotify account, you have access to a vast collection of songs, albums, and playlists. To download music for offline listening, simply find the desired song or playlist and toggle the “Download” switch to save it to your iPad. The downloaded songs will be available in the “Your Library” section of the app, ready to be enjoyed even without an internet connection.

Another option is Apple Music, which is pre-installed on your iPad. Apple Music offers a three-month free trial, during which you can download songs for offline listening. After the trial period, a subscription fee is required to continue accessing the music library.

Aside from these two popular options, there are also other music streaming apps available on the App Store, such as Pandora, Deezer, and SoundCloud. Each app has its own unique features and music library, so it’s worth exploring different options to find the one that best suits your music preferences.

Using music streaming apps to download free music on your iPad offers a convenient way to access a vast music library without the need for a computer. Whether you’re on a road trip, traveling, or simply enjoying some downtime, having a collection of downloaded songs on your iPad ensures you’ll always have the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.


Method 2: Downloading from Free Music Websites

If you’re looking to download free music directly to your iPad without using a computer, you can turn to various websites that offer free music downloads. These websites typically feature music from independent artists or songs that are in the public domain.

One of the popular options is SoundClick, a platform that allows artists to share their music with listeners. SoundClick offers a wide range of genres and allows users to download music directly to their devices. Simply browse through the available songs or explore the charts to discover new music, and then click on the download button next to the desired track.

Another website to consider is Jamendo, which focuses on music from independent artists. Jamendo offers a vast library of songs that are available for free download and can be used for personal projects as well. You can search for specific genres or browse through the charts to find music that suits your taste.

If you’re a fan of classical music, Musopen is an excellent resource. Musopen provides free access to public domain classical music recordings, including symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. You can browse the collection and easily download your favorite classical pieces to enjoy offline.

When downloading music from these websites, make sure to check the licensing terms for each track. While the vast majority of songs are free to use, some may require attribution or have specific usage restrictions. Always respect the artist’s terms and conditions when using their music.

Downloading from free music websites gives you the opportunity to explore a wide range of genres and discover new artists. It’s a great way to support independent musicians while expanding your music library on your iPad without the need for a computer.


Method 3: Utilizing Free Music Download Apps

If you prefer a dedicated app for downloading free music on your iPad, there are several options available on the App Store. These apps are specifically designed to provide users with access to a wide variety of songs that can be downloaded directly to their iPad devices.

One popular choice is Free Music Download & Mp3 Downloader. This app allows you to search for and download music from different genres. You can use the built-in search function to find specific songs or browse through the app’s curated playlists. Once you find a song you like, simply tap the download button to save it to your iPad for offline listening.

Another option is Total Downloader. This app not only provides a way to download music but also offers features like file management and a built-in browser. With Total Downloader, you can browse websites that host free music downloads and save the songs directly to your iPad’s storage.

Jamendo Music is also worth mentioning as it offers a dedicated app that allows you to discover and download music from independent artists. The app features a user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and the ability to download songs for offline listening.

When using free music download apps, it’s important to be cautious and choose reputable apps from the App Store. Some apps may have restrictions or limitations, so reading user reviews and checking app ratings can help you select a reliable option.

Utilizing free music download apps provides a convenient way to build a personalized music library on your iPad. With the ability to search for specific songs or explore various genres, you can discover new music and enjoy your favorite tracks offline with ease.



Downloading free music on your iPad without a computer is easily achievable with the right methods. Whether you prefer using music streaming apps, downloading from free music websites, or utilizing dedicated free music download apps, each method offers a unique way to expand your music library and enjoy your favorite songs offline.

Music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music provide an extensive collection of songs that you can download for offline listening. With a few taps, you can have a personalized playlist ready to go wherever you are.

Free music websites, such as SoundClick, Jamendo, and Musopen, offer a wide range of genres and give you the opportunity to discover independent artists and classical music pieces. Always remember to respect the licensing terms and conditions when downloading music from these websites.

Dedicated free music download apps like Free Music Download & Mp3 Downloader, Total Downloader, and Jamendo Music provide a convenient way to search for and download music directly to your iPad. These apps offer features like personalized recommendations and a built-in browser, enhancing your music downloading experience.

Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you’re downloading music from legal and reputable sources. Always respect the rights of artists and avoid downloading copyrighted music without permission.

Now that you have learned about different methods to download free music on your iPad without a computer, it’s time to start building your music collection. Explore the various options, discover new artists, and create a personalized playlist that will accompany you on your iPad wherever you go.

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