Epic Games Store Refund: Why and How to Get It

epic games store refund

In this digital age, when almost everything is conveniently accessible via the internet, it is easy to find various games—and even other software applications and videos online. While most sites provide users with free downloadable content, many sites also offer paid apps, movies, and others. Epic Games Store is a virtual distribution site that provides its subscribers with paid games. But, what if the game you bought won’t work or gives you a bad experience? Can you even get an Epic Games Store refund for it?


Why Do People Get an Epic Games Store Refund?

Epic Games Store
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Established in December 2018, Epic Games Store offers its subscribers different games and apps for both MacOS and Microsoft Windows. The store contains several categories including a gaming or app catalog, a matchmaking capability, and a user friend list. The site has a wide range of gaming app offers. It also offers skins and in-game items.

The Epic Games Store provides subscribers with the ability to seek refunds for its products. People have varying reasons why they wish to get an Epic Games Store refund. Below are several of them:


User Is Not Satisfied With the Game

It is easy to become overly excited about a newly purchased game. However, there are instances when a game fails to meet your expectations. You may play it for a few minutes and suddenly realize that it isn’t really something you want. You might find out that the game’s storyline is too complicated, for instance, or that it requires you to spend more money on other in-game items.


Game Does Not Match Device’s Specifications

Each game has specific system requirements. A game may refuse to work because its features are incompatible with your device’s system specifications. You may be in the middle of a game and find out that it takes you several minutes before your in-game character jumps, for example, causing you to lose a round.


Client Purchases the Wrong Game or Version

In the height of excitement, you may accidentally purchase the wrong game or version. You might attempt to make do with your error and test out the said game, although you still think it’s best to request an Epic Games Store refund.


Game Creates Unknown Error

You assure yourself that your device meets the system requirements of your newly purchased game. You might begin playing the game but find out that it suddenly causes your device to hang.


Game Suddenly Goes on Sale After Purchase

A newly purchased game may suddenly be on sale on the Epic Games Store. You might like to apply for a refund so that you get to obtain a discount for it.


What Is the Epic Games Store Refund Policy?

Epic Game Store
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Indeed, there are different reasons why people may want to request Epic Games Store refunds. However, it is essential that you know the Epic Games Store refund policy and be guided accordingly.


Products Not Eligible for Epic Games Store Refund

Listed below are items not eligible for an Epic Games Store refund:

  • Items tagged as “non-refundable”
  • Skins
  • Virtual or Digital Currency
  • Consumable items
  • Items purchased outside the Epic Games Store

Note that the Epic Games Store requires subscribers to follow their site’s Terms of Service strictly. Anyone who abuses their policies is not eligible for an Epic Games Store refund. Also, users who are banned from certain games cannot request refunds for those games or their corresponding in-game item purchases. Items that are modified, consumed, or transferred are not honored, as well.


Products Eligible for Epic Games Store Refund

So, what products are eligible for Epic Games refund, then? Below is a list of items that are allowed:

  • Products explicitly tagged as “refundable”
  • Non-consumable items
  • Items purchased within the Epic Games Store


Eligibility for an Epic Games Store Refund

  • The game was purchased within the last two weeks or 14 days.
  • Product was only played within a two-hour runtime.

Note that your purchase date and runtime are recorded under your Epic Games Store account. You cannot alter them both. Epic Games will consider these both when considering your Epic Games Store refund request.


Epic Games Store Refund for a Pre-Purchase

Pre-purchased products are refundable as long as they are not yet released to you. If the product has already been released to you, however, you can still apply for an Epic Games Store refund request just as long as you keep in mind the 14-day limit. You should not exceed the stated two-hour max runtime, as well. Epic Games Store explicitly defines the term “release” as referring to all the different playable versions of a given game, including its alpha, beta, and early access copies.


Epic Games Store Refund for a Product That Goes on Sale

The store does not tag refund requests for products that go on sale as automatic abuse of their Refund Policy and Terms of Service. You can easily apply for an Epic Games refund for any game that suddenly goes on sale as long as you follow the 14-day time limit and two-hour runtime. Once your refund application gets approved, you can purchase the same game for a fraction of its original price.

Epic Games Store says that it provides its subscribers with quality products. The company wants its clients to only purchase games that they are satisfied with, as well.


How to Refund a Game From Epic Games Store?


To make an Epic Games Store refund request, your item must meet the criteria stated above. Remember that not all items are refundable at the store. Make sure, as well, that you do not break any of the site’s Terms of Service or Refund Policy.


Creating a Request

To apply for an Epic Games Store refund, you need to do the following steps:


Method 1

  1. Log into your Epic Games Store account.
  2. Click on the Epic Games Store’s “Contact Us” button.
  3. State your Epic Games refund request.
  4. Click on “Submit.”
  5. Wait for the Epic Games Store confirmation email.
  6. Follow the next steps provided.
  7. Wait for approval.


Method 2

  1. Sign in to your Epic Games Store account.
  2. Click on your account’s dropdown list located at the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Locate the “Transactions” tab.
  4. Click on the “Game Title.”
  5. Find out if your game is eligible for an Epic Games Store refund.
  6. If the specific game is suitable for a “Self-Service” refund, select the “Refund” button.
  7. The Epic Games refund process starts.
  8. Wait for the confirmation email and approval.


What You’ll Need

Bear in mind that you are required to submit the following details, as well.

  • Name and account (automatically provided when you log into the store)
  • Name of the product or game
  • Operating system (OS)
  • Refund payment method


Receiving the Epic Games Store Refund

You should know that Epic Games Store uses your default payment method when refunding your product purchase. Nevertheless, some payment methods may not be permissible with this refund process. When that occurs, you and the store may choose other alternative ways to send you back your money. Also, the waiting period for your Epic Games Store refund to appear in your account statement varies depending on your chosen payment method.


How Long Does an Epic Games Store Refund Take?

An Epic Games Store refund does not instantly show up on your account. The approval of your refund request typically takes a week. Upon approval, it will take a week on average before you get the compensation.

Epic Games Store uses your default payment method when issuing you your refund. However, not all payment methods are compatible with this refund process. If this occurs, you and Epic Games may use an alternative refund payment method. Take note, too, that international payment methods usually take longer.


Pros and Cons of Epic Games Store Refunds

Epic Games Twitter
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Of course, the biggest benefit of an Epic Games Store refund is getting your money back. However, you should consider its annoying possibilities, as well.



  • Possible approval of Epic Games refund request
  • A game that is on sale can be re-purchased once a refund is approved
  • Test the game during the 14-day window and 2-hour runtime
  • You can purchase a better alternative
  • You get your money’s worth



  • Refund approval takes about a week
  • Default payment method may not be permissible
  • You may need to find an alternative refund payment method
  • Once a refund request is approved, it takes another week before refund payment appears on your account


Epic Games Store Refund vs. Steam Game Refunds

Photo by Steam

Aside from the Epic Games Store, there are other digital gaming distributing platforms as well. One of these sites is Steam. Similar to Epic Games, Steam also provides its users with a variety of games and apps via its dedicated website. However, unlike Epic Games, it also offers other products, including DLCs, movies, series, and software applications.

In a way, refunding from Steam is similar to an Epic Games refund. To give you a better idea of how a Steam refund works, below is a summarized discussion of the said process.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide, here’s how to refund a game on Steam.


Steam’s Refund Policy

Steam subscribers can apply for refunds when purchased products follow these criteria:

  • The product was purchased during the last 14 days.
  • The product did not exceed the provided 2-hour runtime.
  • The game was not consumed, modified, or transferred.
  • Item is not a third-party product.
  • Item is not a video, movie, or series.
  • Directly purchased from Steam.
  • The product is not a third-party DLC (downloadable content).
  • The product is currently on sale, and you want to buy the same item for a discounted price.


Steam’s Refund Waiting Time

A refund request’s approval typically takes around seven days before it gets returned to your Steam wallet or chosen bank account. Additionally, international payment methods can take longer for returns to be made.

Any request that was approved by Steam within 24 hours is not also treated as a refund. If approval is given, Steam automatically cancels the original purchase transaction, and the corresponding charge disappears from your bank account statement, as well. This means that you won’t also see the said credit in your account. Nevertheless, this particular process usually takes about ten days.


Steam’s Allowed Payment Methods

Nonetheless, Steam requires subscribers to use only permitted payment methods. The following are the allowed payment methods considered by the site:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • PayPal


Making a Steam Refund Request

To make a Steam refund request, you are required to:

  1. Click on the “Steam help” button.
  2. Provide your personal details.
  3. Specify your item information.
  4. Request the Steam refund.
  5. Enter your desired payment method.
  6. Wait for the confirmation email indicating the request receipt.

In a sense, both digital gaming distributing companies similarly honor refund requests. However, Steam explicitly states more specific refund payment methods while Epic Games does not. Nonetheless, Epic Games customer support can be contacted when your default payment method does not permit the said scheme, and you get to compromise with them regarding the alternative ways you can use instead.


Refund Games Through the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store
Photo by Epic Games Store


Epic Games provide its subscribers with a variety of games and in-game items to choose from. While some of its products are explicitly tagged as “non-refundable,” many of them are also refundable. Users need to know that they can maximize their subscription to the said gaming service by using the Epic Games Store refund policy. Many of the platform’s offerings are excellent options. However, specific user preferences must also be taken into consideration. Hence, if you find yourself confronted with a situation where you need to make an Epic Games refund request, you should be aware that it is possible for you to do so. Nevertheless, you should always make your application correctly.

Make the most of your money. Request an Epic Games Store refund for products that do not fully meet your expectations. Remember to follow the guidelines as mentioned above.

Epic Games Store Refund: Why and How to Get It

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