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Is MMOGA a Safe Place to Buy In-Game Currency? (Review)

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If you’ve spent money on in-game items before, then you’d know how shockingly expensive they can be. However, just because in-game items and currency can be pricey doesn’t mean they’re completely unattainable. That’s especially true if you know where to look.

In this article, we’re discussing MMOGA, an online mediator for games and game services. If you’re looking for affordable games and in-game items, then it might be a good place to look. What is the platform like and how can you utilize it? Let’s find out.


What Is MMOGA?

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Have you ever wanted one big online marketplace for all your gaming needs? Sure, Steam, Kinguin, and the Epic Games Store are great places to shop for games. However, they don’t exactly provide all the items you want, especially virtual ones that are only useful in select games. If only there was a marketplace where you can purchase everything you need – games and in-game items – all at once. That, my friend, is where MMOGA comes in.

What is MMOGA, you might ask? MMOGA is one of the leading online mediators for games and gaming services. It first launched in the European market and has since expanded in the west. The website has been up for 12 years and offers a wide variety of game-related products and services.

MMOGA’s main catch is that it provides a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs – all for a lower price. Through it, you can buy everything from online games, game cards, virtual currency, and more. It’s especially useful for those who play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and want to purchase in-game items for cheap.


What Services Does MMOGA Offer?

MMOGA offers tons of cheap services and products players can choose from. The more well-known ones include MMOGA FIFA coins (Ultimate Team mode) and virtual currencies like World of Warcraft Gold. It also provides FFXIV Gil and items from other games like CS:GO, Pokemon Go, and many more.

However, MMOGA offers more than just in-game currency as it also offers a slew of MMOGA games. You can shop for these games through their website and buy them at a lower price than the SRP. After purchasing a game, you’ll be able to access legitimate CD keys that can grant you full access.

Moreover, what’s great about this service is that MMOGA has very short waiting times. For example, you can expect keys and game cards to arrive in your email within 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, virtual currencies take longer to arrive but are guaranteed to come within 24 hours.

Apart from these, MMOGA also offers a slew of more unconventional game-related products and services. Some of these include current accounts and avatar service levels wherein you can hire other players to advance your avatar.

Lastly, MMOGA is constantly expanding and evolving as time goes on. Thus, you can expect it to diversify its services and gain access to more product offerings later on. Above all, MMOGA also regularly offers special deals to customers so you can save even more money on your purchases.

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Is MMOGA Safe?

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With all that said, it can be hard to believe that MMOGA is even a real website. Is MMOGA legit or is it merely a scam to lure people in? Otherwise, how can it truly offer all these products and services at a lower price than the SRP? Moreover, even if it’s safe, how reliable is MMOGA?

If that’s your main concern, we understand where you’re coming from. After all, some of the prices on the website are too good to be true. However, trust us when we say that MMOGA is a legitimate website. Whether you’re buying from Germany, Spain, France, or the US, their products are guaranteed to be safe.

In addition, MMOGA is fairly reliable – even according to customer reviews from websites like Trustpilot. According to most MMOGA feedback, purchases usually go without a hitch. Of course, there are a few exceptions where customers have had bad experiences due to delayed deliveries. Nonetheless, MMOGA usually delivers products on time.

Perhaps the only thing that customers find shady about MMOGA is its insistence on asking for additional verification. The website is known to ask for identification cards before you can finish a transaction. Moreover, some of the IDs they ask for (such as passports, for example) contain sensitive information. Sure, the company delivers legitimate products that work well for their consumers. However, some people are on the fence about the potential breach of privacy. With that said, whether you take the risk or not is up to you. or

If you’ve done your research, you’d know that MMOGA has two main English websites: and

That might make you wonder: which one is the real deal? The answer is both. MMOGA supports both websites although the main customer base usually purchases products from Nonetheless, you can safely use either one to make your purchases.


How Does MMOGA Work?

MMOGA Twitter
Photo from MMOGA’s Twitter Page


If Steam and other well-known platforms can only sell games at SRP, how does MMOGA manage to lower its prices? How does the website manage to work this way? The answer, my friend, is third-party sellers.

MMOGA’s business model is simple. It acts as a mediator, like a real marketplace, for online buyers and sellers. The website itself doesn’t sell anything and instead allows others to put up items for sale through their platform. MMOGA simply hosts a vendor’s products to buyers and lets customers purchase them through the website or app.

Afterward, it’s up to the sellers, not MMOGA, to accept the buyer’s purchase transaction. Then the vendors can course payments through MMOGA’s accepted payment methods. These include PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa Delta, PostePay, and many more.


How to Buy Games and In-Game Currency Using MMOGA


Let’s say you’re convinced of MMOGA’s legitimacy and want to buy MMOGA coins. If that’s the case, the first thing you need to figure out is how to use MMOGA. Thankfully, the website is pretty easy to navigate and most transactions are straightforward. Here’s how to do it.


Step 1: Head to the MMOGA Website

The first thing you need to do is head to their website: or Either will work regardless of the platform you’re on.


Step 2: Create an Account

Unfortunately, you can’t transact with MMOGA if you don’t have a customer account. To do this, hover over the Human icon at the top-right corner of the homepage. Afterward, click on “Register” to create an account.

You’ll be redirected to a different screen where you must fill in the necessary details. Then you can go back to MMOGA, log in, and start looking for your product.


Step 3: Choose the Category

After logging in, head to the home screen of MMOGA’s homepage. You should see a “Categories” menu at the top-left portion of the website. Hover your mouse over it to reveal what they have to offer.

Once you hover over the Categories menu, you’ll see two tabs: one for Keys-Skins-Cards and another for Online Games. Under Keys-Skins-Cards, you’ll find the names of different gaming companies. Choose the company whose game you want to buy game keys, skins, or game cards.

If you’re not buying keys, cards, or skins, then you might want to check out the options under Online Games. Here, you can buy in-game items and currencies like MMOGA coins for games like World of Warcraft, FIFA, and more. Simply choose the one you want and you’ll redirect to another page that shows all the website’s offerings.


Step 4: Make an Order

Afterward, you can make a transaction for keys, coins, or anything else by adding the item to your cart. Once you’re finished shopping, you can press the “Order” option to officially purchase the items and services. This will prompt the website to forward your request directly to the seller.


Step 5: Seller Accepts Your Order

Once your request is forwarded, the seller should find your offer and evaluate the terms. Keep in mind that the vendor can choose to reject the offers you make so it’s not a guaranteed sale. If that happens, your order will be canceled and it will be the end of your transaction.


Step 6: Make a Payment

Most of the time, however, the seller will accept the offer and indicate the terms of payment. Afterward, you can finally pay for the item through the website. They will handle all the processing so all you need to do is input your details. Once that’s done, the seller will be informed of your transaction’s paid status.


Step 7: Wait for Your Item

After that, you should receive the item within 24 hours if it’s in-game currency. On the other hand, if you bought a game, the game key should be in your email within 5-10 minutes.

After that, everything is finished. Congratulations, you’ve learned about how to buy coins from MMOGA and avail of their numerous products.


Can You Get a Refund on MMOGA?

The website sells digital products only so you’d think that there’s no way to get a refund on your purchases. However, while it is difficult, they do have some system in place in case customers want a refund. You can do so within two weeks after your completed transaction. Afterward, you won’t be able to return the product you purchased.

To get a refund, you must send a demand for withdrawal to the company in text form. You can do this through fax, letter, or email. Afterward, send it to or 16/F Kowloon Bldg. Nathan Road 555, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

MMOGA should mediate the transaction when they receive your request. However, note that you can only rescind the contract if you’re able to return the product safely to the seller. If you cannot return the items in their entirety (or according to the terms), then you’ll have to provide compensation.

Lastly, note that vendors also retain the right to rescind the contracts if they deem it necessary. Hence, refunds and returns may happen even if unprompted by the buyer.


MMOGA vs Similar Websites

MMOGA isn’t the only website that mediates between buyers and sellers for transactions relating to games. There are tons of alternatives out there that you can choose from. Below, we’ll list two others that might interest you if MMOGA doesn’t have what you’re looking for.



Photo from G2A


MMOGA doesn’t have a monopoly on selling game keys to players for cheap. G2A also provides this service and it does so for an excellent price. On its website, you’ll find tons of great titles for PC and console. You can view them by price, most popular, and more. If you want even cheaper prices and more perks, you can opt for a G2A Plus subscription.

However, the only downside is that G2A doesn’t offer in-game currencies or items. Nonetheless, if you want access to cheap games, accessories, consoles, gift cards, or subscriptions, then it’s the perfect online marketplace.


Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming
Photo from Instant Gaming


One of the most popular online marketplaces for games is none other than Instant Gaming. Like MMOGA, it provides you with easy access to CD keys for games on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. However, it doesn’t sell other in-game items or currencies for MMOs so you’ll have to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, it’s a great option if you want cheap games from a legitimate source.


Should You Try Out MMOGA?

With all that said, should you try out MMOGA to purchase your next in-game currency? Well, that depends on what kind of player you are. If your main priority is getting items and games for cheap, then MMOGA is highly recommended. After all, it’s not often you find an online marketplace that sells most of the game-related things you want.

However, if you’re more cautious about data privacy and things like that, then it might be better to stay away. That’s because it asks for IDs as proof of your identity before proceeding with transactions. While this might not be problematic for some, others are more cautious about who they give their data to.

Of course, if you’re asking if buying FIFA coins is bad, then that’s a different story entirely. MMOGA sells legitimate products to customers who use them. However, whether or not those products breach other contracts, such as those of FIFA or EA, is another story. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before hitting that “buy” button.

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