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The Witcher was one of the most widely popular triple-A fantasy games ever released on PC. That’s why it’s completely understandable that Netflix adapted the popular game into a series.

Ever since its release, however, fans have been clamoring for even more related content. Some have even resorted to scouring the internet for shows like The Witcher just to satisfy their thirst. If you’re looking for just that, then you’re in luck. That’s because we’ve come up with a list of shows like The Witcher to satiate your hunger. Without further delay, let’s dive into it.


What Is The Witcher?

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The Witcher (TV series) is a fantasy drama based on The Witcher book and game series authored by Polish creator Andrzej Sapkowski.

It’s set in a medieval fantasy land called “The Continent” and follows the legendary tale of Geralt of Rivia. The Netflix series The Witcher, in particular, is based on the books The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. These come as prequels to the main The Witcher story but still follow our protagonist, Geralt.

After its release on December 20, 2019, The Witcher season 2 came out two years later on December 17, 2021.

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Is The Witcher Good?

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How popular is The Witcher series? Is The Witcher the most-watched show on Netflix? Despite some criticism, The Witcher remains one of the streaming service’s most-watched shows of all time.

In fact, it’s so popular that Netflix even renewed the series in September 2021, promising fans a third season. Before that, Netflix aired an origin story animated movie called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf on August 23, 2021.


25 Shows Like The Witcher

Are there any shows like The Witcher? If you’re a fan of the famous series then you might already be aching for more follow-up content. While we can’t give you the third season, there are shows like The Witcher that might quench your thirst. Here’s our list of the 25 best ones you can find across different streaming services.


Shows Like The Witcher on Netflix

1. Arcane


You don’t have to look too far if you want to find Netflix shows like The Witcher. In fact, the streaming service offers a plethora of good shows – including those also based on video games. This time, our recommendation is Arcane, an animated show based on the League of Legends.

Similar to The Witcher, it’s set in a fantasy world that thrives on magic and mythical beasts. It features a compelling story, tons of action, and lots of good fan service. Moreover, its animation is top-tier with a distinct 3D art style that’s sure to leave an impression.

The story follows two sisters, Vi and Jinx, in a fantasy adventure full of conflicting ideas. Whether it’s the classic good vs evil or more contemporary problems of tradition vs progress, the series explores different themes that are sure to get you thinking.


2. Castlevania


What TV shows are like The Witcher? Despite its 2D animation, one of the best shows like The Witcher you’ll ever encounter is Castlevania. Similar to The Witcher, it’s based on a popular game franchise and focuses on vanquishing evil beasts.

However, unlike The Witcher, Castlevania follows more than one protagonist and focuses on three characters — namely, Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. One is a demon hunter, another a mage, and the last one is half-human. The three join hands in an attempt to stop Dracula’s evil plans and save the world.


3. Cursed


One of the greatest TV shows like The Witcher is none other than Cursed. Sure, it only aired for one season in 2020. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most satisfying shows to watch especially if you’re craving magic and fantasy. The only thing different is that it’s set in the modern world instead of the medieval period.

Cursed closely resembles King Arthur’s tale, the Knights of the Round Table, and the fabled weapon Excalibur. Of course, it also includes Merlin (with a refreshing twist) and most of the things you might be familiar with.


4. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


Another one of the most fun shows like The Witcher is Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. If you’ve watched The Dark Crystal back in the 80s, then you might know what we’re talking about. The story follows Gelflings – elf-like creatures resolving to bring back the crystal’s power. Of course, being the Dark Crystal, the nefarious Skesis used this item to enshroud the land of Thra in darkness.

In Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance, we take a look at Thra before the events of The Dark Crystal. At this time, Gelflings were more abundant and powerfully went against the Skesis. However, what truly made this series shine was how well-executed everything was. It manages to retain both simplicity and complexity, enough to be consumed by any audience regardless of age.


5. Demon Slayer


Another one of the best fantasy shows on Netflix is Demon Slayer. Like Castlevania, this anime comes from Japan and focuses on, well, slaying demons. However, what makes it unique is that it’s not all action and doesn’t just focus on slaying demons. Instead, it revolves around the life of a boy who suffered his family’s murder at the hands of demons.

As a result, he endeavors to become a demon slayer himself while trying to cure his sister. The story and animation are killer and truly engulf you in the young boy’s life and his quest for justice.


6. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood


One of the nicest shows like The Witcher also comes as a game-to-series adaptation. That’s right, we’re talking about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. In this animated series, Davion, a half-dragon half-human hybrid, struggles to balance his two conflicting sides. Along the journey, he embarks on a mission to stop Terrorblade, a demon that hunts dragons to bolster his strength.

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7. Hellbound


Hellbound is one of those dark fantasy TV shows that just pull you in right from the beginning. Unlike other shows like The Witcher, however, it’s set in the modern-day so there’s a bit of a difference. Nonetheless, it incorporates fantasy and demonic elements that make it reminiscent of the famous show.

In Hellbound, you’re transported to South Korea where supernatural creatures are at large and hunting for “sinners.” Their mission? Simply to warn these people about when they’re destined for hell – and eventually, send them there. Of course, the story follows a protagonist in the form of a lawyer who’s determined to uncover the truth.


8. The Last Kingdom


Shows like The Witcher don’t always have to come with fantastical elements. Sometimes, a historical setting and plenty of action are enough to mimic the feel of the show. The Last Kingdom is precisely that, set during a time in history when Vikings threatened England and France.

In the show, we follow the tale of Uhtred, an orphan boy whose father was killed by the Danes. As an orphan, his only help and father figure was Earl Ragnar who is also eventually slaughtered by enemies. This sparks his quest for revenge, reconquering his homeland, and rescuing his nation.


9. Merlin


Despite being Arthurian, Merlin isn’t a story about King Arthur or the Knights of the Round Table. Instead, it follows Merlin, the famous magician destined to become Arthur’s eventual adviser.

Like other shows like The Witcher, Merlin is full of magic and wonder that’s sure to scratch your fantasy itches. Moreover, what’s great about the series is that it’s already completed so you can binge it to your heart’s content.


10. Shadow and Bone


One of the best shows like The Witcher is none other than Shadow and Bone. The show is based on Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy of books and it’s just the right follow-up to The Witcher. It features Alina Starkov, a young girl who has the uncanny ability to create light. That’s perfect for the current situation the world is facing as society battles dangerous darkness called the Fold.

However, this great ability also comes with its downsides. With Alina’s life potentially in danger and a company of untrustworthy allies, will she be able to make it through?


11. The Shannara Chronicles


Like The Witcher, The Shannara Chronicles nails world-building in every sense. It features three protagonists who are on a mission to save Ellcrys – a tree that guards their land against demons. Unfortunately, the series only has two seasons and isn’t set on getting a third. Nonetheless, it’s a great show to binge especially if you’re craving for fantasy.


12. Supernatural


One of the greatest shows like The Witcher is Supernatural. It follows the Winchester brothers through 15 seasons and their adventures of battling demons, vampires, and even angels. Unlike The Witcher, however, it’s more formulaic and follows a “monster per week” format.

Nonetheless, the brothers’ bond, their brand of humor, and the horror elements thrown in between will certainly pull you in. If you’re a fan of everything fantasy, supernatural, and deep lore, this one’s highly recommended.


13. Trese


Asian culture has become more prominent in the media lately, and Trese is the perfect example of that phenomenon. That’s because it’s based on a Filipino comic and focuses on classic Filipino folklore and mythical creatures.

The story follows Trese, a character who acts as the bridge between the human and mythical world. However, acting as a bridge isn’t all that easy because the peace between realms is so easily threatened. Nonetheless, whether through forceful means or otherwise, Trese is determined to keep that peace intact.


Shows Like The Witcher on Amazon Prime

1. Carnival Row


Carnival Row may not be on Netflix but that certainly shouldn’t keep you from watching it. It’s one of the best shows like The Witcher on Amazon Prime Video, after all, and captures fantasy in an unconventional modern setting.

The series follows an investigator named Rycroft Philostrate who’s tasked with cases related to magical creatures. Just as the relationship between humans and creatures begins to strain, he discovers more about the series of murders. As the events unfold, you begin to uncover more of the show’s deeply rich and suspense-filled world.


2. Spartacus


Shows like The Witcher often take inspiration from fantasy or history – or both – blending elements to create unique narratives. In Spartacus, you get more of the latter as it revolves around enslaved gladiators in ancient Rome. Sure, there’s no magic but it still captures the same sort of vibe – especially because of the great action.

The story revolves around a historical gladiator named Spartacus. As the setting implies, he fights in gladiator pits and is famous throughout the land. However, all that fame and glory isn’t enough as he aspires to start a gladiator rebellion against Rome.


3. The Wheel of Time


The Wheel Of Time is another one of the best shows like The Witcher that’s exclusively on Amazon Prime. However, instead of simply being magical, The Wheel Of Time manages to distinguish itself in terms of setting. How? Through a nearly post-apocalyptic backdrop full of not only magic but also reincarnation.

The story follows a female mage looking for the Dragon Reborn, hoping to use their power to save the world. However, she didn’t expect to find five people who each have the potential to become said Dragon.


Shows Like The Witcher on Hulu

1. Galavant


Galavant is one of the more unconventional shows like The Witcher on Hulu. That’s because, apart from being medieval fantasy, it’s more lighthearted than the popular video-game-turned-series Netflix Original. It contains more comedy and even incorporates musical elements. Nonetheless, it’s a binge-worthy show if you’re up for something fantastical yet not as heavy.

The story follows Galavant, a hero who endeavors to rescue his leading lady Madalena from King Richard. Throughout the series, you can delightfully watch Galavant as he fights, sings, and dances his way to reach his goal. Unfortunately, however, you’ll only get two seasons’ worth of it so enjoy it while it lasts.


2. His Dark Materials


His Dark Materials is another one of the shows like The Witcher that’s based on a series of novels. Like The Witcher, it contains tons of fantasy elements and rich world-building.

It follows the story of Lyra, a young woman living among both humans and daemons. Life seemed simple enough until one day Lyra’s friend gets kidnapped by Gobblers. Now, it’s up to her to find her friend – and apparently, save the world while she’s at it.


3. Penny Dreadful


Penny Dreadful certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill medieval fantasy series. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the greatest shows like The Witcher that’s one of the best you can binge. It’s set in the Victorian era and focuses on a team of hunters who seek out supernatural beasts. However, the job isn’t easy because these creatures hide among humans.

The series begins in a rather simple manner through the case of Sir Malcolm’s daughter. However, the story quickly gains momentum as it dives deeper into popular mythical creatures like Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster. If familiar mythological creatures, monster hunters, and Victorian fashion are right up your alley then you certainly shouldn’t miss this.


4. Vikings


One of the best shows like The Last Kingdom and The Witcher is undoubtedly Vikings. As the name implies, the show is all about Vikings and their action-packed lives. Of course, unlike other shows like The Witcher, this doesn’t contain any fantastical or magical elements. Regardless, it’s something you should certainly check out if you love political intrigue, drama, and fictional factionalism.

The story follows Ragnar, a famous Viking conqueror who terrorized France and England. It showcases his life and relationships and even follows up on his children throughout the series.


Shows Like The Witcher on Other Platforms

1. Game of Thrones


When it came out, Game of Thrones was one of the best streaming series there ever was on HBO. It’s unsurprising, though, considering its immersive fantasy world and unapologetic penchant for gore and mature themes.

In the show, you follow the lives of the lords of Westeros – each one vying and fighting for power. As you may expect, it’s full of political intrigue and drama. However, what makes it unique is its fantastical elements, including dragons and zombies that pose a separate threat altogether. If you haven’t watched this modern (yet medieval) classic, it’s certainly worth checking out.

2. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Despite its age, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is one of the best shows like The Witcher you can binge. It follows the famous Greek hero named Hercules and his almost familiar conquests and battles against monsters. Like any good fantasy series, he forms relationships and fights all sorts of evil throughout his journey. If you can forgive the cinematic qualities of the late 90s, it’s certainly worth a try after watching The Witcher.

You can watch Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on Tubi.


3. Xena: Warrior Princess

Another classic show like The Witcher that you can watch on Tubi is Xena: Warrior Princess, having come out from 1995 to 2001. However, don’t let its old age fool you into thinking it’s sub-par. On the contrary, it’s one of the era’s beloved shows and paved the way for subsequent fantasy releases.

The story focuses on Xena, a Greek warrior princess in a magical land. With comedy, action, and a bit of romance, it has everything you might want in a satisfying narrative. Moreover, its darker turns later in the story make it even more compelling as you dive deeper into it.

4. The Mandalorian


It’s no surprise that one of the top streaming shows in recent history comes from Disney. After all, the studio made waves through Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was pretty much a given that they had that title in the bag. Of course, we mean no disrespect – The Mandalorian certainly deserved all of the praise it was given. You’ll no doubt say the same if you give it a try.

The story follows a Mandalorian warrior seeking to find a kid who looks like Yoda. Like the famous Jedi, the child seems to have a strong link to The Force. However, the stakes are high as the young lad seems to have more than just the Mandalorian after him. What remains of the fallen Empire from Episode 6 seem to be lurking in the shadows hunting for him, too.

5. The Tudors


The Tudors is unlike other shows like The Witcher in that it doesn’t contain any fantasy or mythical creatures. Instead, it’s more historically inclined and follows the story of King Henry VIII. Perhaps the only similarity between the two shows is Henry Cavill’s presence.

Of course, it might seem like a stretch to include it purely because of that. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful ride if you’re up for something slightly different. The story contains all the hallmarks of historical fiction, including action, drama, and politics. It is available on Showtime.


Is It Worth Binge-Watching Shows Like The Witcher?

Watching The Witcher Netflix series is certainly fun especially if you’re a fan of fantasy or the games. However, just because you enjoyed The Witcher doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy shows like it. That said, is it worth binging shows like The Witcher to satisfy your craving?

Well, that depends on what you watch. A lot of shows like The Witcher are worth watching regardless of how similar or not they are. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that you won’t be wasting your time on any of our suggestions.

Alternatively, you can also opt to watch movies instead if you’re pressed for time. Films like The Witcher’s very own Nightmare of the Wolf are a worthy contender. That’s especially true if you want more directly related content. On the other hand, if you’re just craving action, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is also a good substitute. Even more far-off films like Zack Snyder’s Justice League are a good choice.

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