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Amazon Music: The Ultimate Guide On Downloading Music

Amazon Music is the digital music streaming platform of Amazon. It curates millions of songs across all genres which music lovers can enjoy. With an active internet connection, Amazon Music allows subscribers to stream tracks on mobile devices as well as PCs. In case you run out of the internet, Amazon Music also has an offline playback. This allows subscribers to listen to music even without data. However, it initially requires downloading of music before you could listen to them offline.

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In this article, we’ll teach you how to download tracks from Amazon Music in several ways. We’ll also be providing tricks and tools that will help you get the music you love, whether for mobile or for your computer.


Prime Music Vs Amazon Music Unlimited

To download songs from Amazon Music, you first need to register for the platform’s paid subscription. There are two tiers of subscription you can choose from: the Prime Music and the Amazon Music Unlimited.

FeaturesAmazon Prime Music logoAmazon Music Unlimited logo
Song Library2Million+ Songs50Million+ Songs
Average Audio Quality256 kbps320 kbps
Offline PlaybackYesYes
Data Consumption1.8 MB per minute2.4 MB per minute
Add-free ListeningYesYes


Amazon’s Prime Music and Music Unlimited differ on so many levels. Prime Music is a service included on Amazon Prime Membership at no additional cost. However, you can choose to upgrade it to Music Unlimited for US$7.99 per month. Non-prime members who wish to subscribe to Music Unlimited should pay US$9.99 per month.

If you are wondering why you should choose Music Unlimited when there’s a cheaper alternative, here’s the reason. There’s a big difference between the library size of the two music streaming services: Prime Music offers a little over 2 million tracks, while Music Unlimited has over 50 million songs available. Also, Prime Music constantly removes titles from the platform, which means you won’t know until when your favorite track will be available.

That aside, Music Unlimited is an improved version of all the great functionality of Prime Music. The average audio quality of Prime Music is 256 kbps but that could go higher to 320 kbps if you stream with Music Unlimited. If it still doesn’t match your music quality preference, you can choose to upgrade your plan to Amazon Music HD. This will give you an 850 kbps audio quality that is as good as the sound of a CD. Match this with the best audiophile headphones and you will have a total music streaming experience!


How To Download Tracks On Amazon Music?

Both Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited have the functionality of offline playback. But, it is only available on Android, iOS, and Fire tablets. Also, all your downloads can only be accessed on the app. Most titles in Amazon Music have digital rights management (DRM) protection so you can’t save them on your local files or transfer them to other devices. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to download music from the platform using an Android and iOS device, respectively.


Downloading From Amazon Music Using Android App

Step 1. Open the Amazon Music Android app on your device and go to the playlist, song, or album you want to download. You can either type the title you like on the search box or go to My Music if you have added it to your library.

Step-by-step guide of downloading music from Amazon Music Android App
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Step 2. Tap the vertical three-dot button next to the title you want to save for offline listening. A pop-up message with various options will appear. Select “Download” to proceed.

Step 3. Go to My Music again. You’ll see that the title is being downloaded.

Step-by-step guide on how to activate offline mode on Amazon Music Android App
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Step 4. Once the download is complete, enable offline mode to start listening to music without consuming data. Tap the vertical three-dot button on the upper-right corner of the next to the search icon. Toggle the switch button before the “Offline Music Mode”.

Step 5. A banner on top of your screen will appear indicating that you are on offline music mode. Only downloaded titles will appear on the app when offline mode is active.


Downloading From Amazon Music Using iOS

Step 1. Click on the title you want to listen to offline or search for items you like using the search icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Tap the download icon (an arrow pointing down a box) to download a whole playlist or album.

Step 3. Once the download is complete, go back to the app’s homepage then tap the “Cloud Library” on top of your screen.

Step 4. Tap on “Offline Library” or the small cloud with an x inside to view tracks available for offline listening.


How to Download Songs from Amazon Music For Free?

Amazon Music’s offline playback is a great feature as it allows subscribers to access their favorite songs even without an internet connection. However, the fact that you cannot save them on your local drive minimizes your control over your downloads. Just like how you download music Spotify, you cannot transfer them on other devices, say you want to share your playlist with a friend. But, there are now third-party applications and music downloaders you can use to download tracks straight to your local files.


TunePat Amazon Music Converter

TunePat Amazon Music Converter is a popular tool people are using to download songs from Amazon Music for free. This desktop tool converts Amazon songs to different formats like MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC and allows users to save them on a local drive. Follow these few steps to download tracks from the platform to your computer using TunePat Amazon Music Converter:


Sign in page of Amazon Music on Tunepat App.
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Step 1. Launch TunePat Amazon Music Converter on Windows or macOS then sign in with your Prime Music or Music Unlimited account.

Settings page of Tunepat App.
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Step 2. Click on “Setting” to customize the output format and output path of the files you’ll be saving ahead.

List of music to download on Amazon Music using Tunepat.
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Step 3. Open the playlist or album you wish to download then click the button with a music note icon. From here, you can check or uncheck items to select tracks you want to include in your download.

Tracks being converted and downloaded on Tunepat.
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Step 4. Tap on “Convert” to start the conversion and download process. Once complete, check downloaded items on the output path you chose.


Tunepat Alternatives

There are a few other alternative apps you can use for downloading tracks from Amazon Music. Here are some special mentions:

Amazon Music DownloaderCinch Audio RecorderAudFreeiMusic
DescriptionCaptures audio from Amazon Music and other music streaming services and allows users to save recordings on local drives.AudFree is an Amazon Music ripper that records music losslessly at excellent quality.App for Windows and macOS that downloads playlist, albums, and stations from Amazon Music.
DetailsRecords MP3 in 320kbps
Saves music as lossless WAV
Records audio at MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC
Records songs simultaneously
Transfers files across devices
Crack DRM protection of tracks from streaming platforms
LinksDownload hereDownload hereDownload here

Is Downloading Songs from Amazon For Free Illegal?

Downloading tracks using the Amazon Music app itself is legal. Basically, you are just activating the offline playback feature which is part of the service you are paying for. However, using third-party applications to rip content from the platform is illegal. There’s a reason why you can’t save titles from the platform directly to your local file, which is to prevent piracy.

Contents on Amazon Music have copyrights and are DRM-protected, preventing the unauthorized redistribution of digital media. Tools like music converters and audio recorders are breaking DRM to keep your downloads in your files and allow you to share them with other devices. This is a downright copyright infringement that is killing the music industry.

We do not support piracy, hence the use of third-party applications to download copyrighted music or other digital content. If you want to download music to your local files, you can purchase them directly on Amazon instead.


How to Purchase Songs on Amazon?

You can buy tracks on Amazon just like how you purchase other products on the platform. You can type in the Album or Song title on the search box and you are a step away from purchasing them. Tracks you purchased on the platform have no DRM encryption, which means you can store them locally or transfer them to other devices. When you purchase a song, you are no longer limited to playing it with the Amazon Music app.

To save your purchased music locally, open the Amazon Music app on your mobile device and go to My Music. Select Songs, then proceed to Purchase to see the titles you own. Finally, tap the download icon to transfer them to your local storage or to external hard drives. Here are the best external hard drives that will expand your storage space.



How much do songs on Amazon Music cost?

You can purchase songs on Amazon Music for as low as USD$0.99 per track, while a whole album can be as low as US$5.


How much data do I need to download songs from Amazon Music?

Streaming and downloading from Amazon Music consume the same amount of data. The standard audio quality of Amazon is 256 kbps which can consume 1.8MB per minute. A three-minute song would likely be consuming 5.4MB when downloaded on standard audio quality.


How to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited?

Music Unlimited has a 30-days free trial to see if you are gonna like the service. If you feel unsatisfied, you can cancel your subscription within the 1-month trial period and you won’t be charged. If you have a paid subscription, you can cancel it online through subscription settings. Just click Accounts & Lists>Memberships & Subscriptions>Music Subscriptions>Cancel subscription>Confirm cancellation.



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