Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guide to Getting That Crown

Your Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guide to Getting That Crown

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the newest battle royale arcade game that many gamers both love and hate. On paper, this candy-colored game with cute, jelly bean-like avatars may seem like wholesome, all-around fun. That is until you’re wrestling another player and trying not to fall off a rotating cylinder at the same time.

While it is fun to spectate, there is no denying the frustration of playing Fall Guys. With extreme obstacles and challenging mechanics, this game truly lives up to its name. But don’t give up on the crown just yet. We’re here to give you some tips and tricks on how to win this game in no time.


What Is Fall Guys?


Fall Guys Gameplay
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Developed by Mediatonic, Fall Guys is inspired by many extreme obstacle courses from shows such as Whiplash and Takeshi’s Castle. There are many Fall Guys guides if you know where to look, but even with this knowledge, the game itself is quite the challenge. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Starting off with 60 players, you must go through four to five rounds of various minigames and try not to get eliminated. The last man standing will be crowned the winner.

Fall Guys comes with over 20 maps, each with a unique obstacle course you have to power through. Each of these minigames can come in Race, Survival, Team, or Final Round categories, and are chosen completely at random. The middle two rounds are more likely to have Team games in them, as the goal is to eliminate as many players as possible before the final round.



Fall Guys Controls
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Learn how to download Steam games so you can play the game on Playstation or PC. You can use your controller or gaming keyboard to control your avatar by running, jumping, diving, or grabbing. A combination of jumping and diving will usually propel you farther than simply jumping. Meanwhile, grabbing can be used to disrupt other players or for grabbing objects in various minigames.

We’ve rounded up all of the Season 1 minigames and have the best tips and tricks to win each one.


The Fall Guys Race Minigames

Door Dash

Fall Guys Door Dash
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In Door Dash, you are faced with an arena filled with rows and rows of doors. To progress, you must run through each wall of doors to get to the end. Your goal? To spot the fake doors that will break when you jump across it. If you fail to jump on a fake door, you will bounce back behind the crowd.

There is no sure way to win at Door Dash. The fake doors are assigned at random, meaning there is no pattern to it. When you start running, jump on top of the nearest door. If it turns out to be fake, then you’re in the lead. If it doesn’t, then you have time before the crowd clears out on the fake door and you can make your move. Whatever you do, try not to lag behind the crowd. There is a high chance you will be pushed back or trip over. In the event that this happens, diving rather than merely jumping through will let you surf over the crowd instead of getting crushed.


See Saw

Fall Guys See Saw
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In See Saw, you must navigate through a series of giant, teetering seesaws. Each seesaw must be perfectly balanced for it to stay upright. Too many players on one side will cause it to tip over. Remember, the higher the slope, the more likely you will slide off and lose. Plus, it will take a lot longer to go down again. In this case, you must quickly run to the very top to even out the weight and make the platform go down.

The further along you are from other players, the easier it is to control the seesaw. You must push through the pack and try to go at a steady pace. Don’t risk getting pushed over as this will put you behind everyone else. If you don’t want to wait for the platform to rise or lower, you’ll have a higher chance of making it through by falling to it than jumping to it.


The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig
Photo from PC Invasion


In this solo race game, you must go through an obstacle course of looming windmills and low bars you must jump over. The low bars rotate in various directions over a flat disc. If you don’t jump at the right time, you will get hit and fall off the course. But, if you think you jumped a little too early, you can dive to buy you a little more time. Next comes the windmill, where you must successfully slip through the giant propellers to cross to the other side.

When reaching the second to the last windmill, we recommend that you go either on the right or left side with more of the low, rotating bars. The middle way is longer; however, there is a higher likelihood of getting knocked off course. On the final windmill, aim for the left side and jump, as there is not as much space as it seems on the right. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching the finish line in no time.


Hit Parade


Don’t be intimidated by the thin bars or the swinging pendulums, Hit Parade is actually fairly simple to run through. You must first balance yourself on top of several beams that meet in the middle and get thicker as you run through. There is no right beam to start with, but be wary of getting pushed off or grabbed by other players. In any case, you will fall through the cracks and land in a slime puddle below. You can simply run up the ramp to catch up.

Next, you will face several revolving doors that spin in the direction of the heavier force. As long as you keep inside of the crowd, you will be able to go with the flow and push through in no time. The next section of the course is the large, swinging pendulums. They are too high up to be able to tell the direction of the swing, but you can use the shadows on the ground as a reference. For the final set, you just need to run through a flowing slime-like substance and try to avoid the moving kebabs. Try not to lose momentum and you will immediately qualify.


Dizzy Heights

Fall Guys Dizzy Heights
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As its name suggests, full of plates that spin in various directions. And it’s definitely a doozy. The arrowheads on top of each disk will indicate which direction it will spin in. To win, you must move with the flow of the disks, even if you have to jump back a little. If you go against the current, you will likely fall off. However, you can use the slope underneath the course to climb back up.

Next, you will be bombarded with several falling boulders. To avoid getting knocked out, hide in between the blocks on the side as it passes. Moving forward will get you to another set of spinning plates. You can choose to go in any direction, but the right path runs slightly faster. The last leg of the race will give you more falling boulders as you navigate through significantly larger spinning plates. Still keeping to the right side will get you to the top faster, with lesser chances of getting rolled over.


Slime Climb


Slime Climb is a steep race to the top as you maneuver your avatar over a zig-zagging mountain with various obstacles while trying to avoid the rising slime. During the first obstacle, most players try to use the yellow triangles to bounce over to the second platform faster. But if not timed correctly, you will only end up falling into the slime and immediately get eliminated.

As for the moving platforms, patience is key. You must wait as they move to retreat before jumping over and you will safely reach the slope with the falling balls. The falling balls are the least of your problems in this course. All you need to do is stick to the far right as they roll mostly in the middle and the left. Overall, the trick to getting by in this course is to lessen the number of jumps you take and run at a steady but consistent pace.


Gate Crash

Fall Guys Gate Crash
Photo from PC Invasion


In this hectic race, you will have to literally jump over obstacles to get to the top. Gate Crash is an obstacle course of platforms that rise and fall at random. You must jump over the platform while it’s down; otherwise, you will be knocked into the back, which will prove very difficult if there are a lot of players also attempting to jump over the same platform.

Winning Gate Crash takes a combination of speed and accuracy. While still far away, head straight for the platform that is still rising. When you reach it, it should be falling, and you can easily jump through it. However, be mindful of the moving bar.


Tip Toe

Fall Guys Tip Toe
Screenshot from Fall Guys on YouTube


This course seems harmless but is one of the more deadly ones. You must navigate through a metaphorical minefield in Tip Toe, as you avoid fake tiles that will catch you unaware and give out from under your feet. There are secret paths hidden along this subtle maze of tiles, and one will take you to the finish line.

Your best bet is to run with the crowd and follow the correct path. You can let someone take a higher risk and figure out the path. But, don’t lag behind too much that you don’t qualify. There is no clear tell of a fake tile, but on occasion, a fake tile will tremble slightly before falling, so watch out for that. If you do catch yourself on top of a fake tile, you can use a combination of jump and dive to safely move to another.


Fruit Chute

Fall Guys Fruit Chute
Photo from IGN Southeast Asia


As its name suggests, Fruit Chute will have you avoiding any falling fruit as you race through a moving conveyor belt. The fruits explode from cannons on either side of the course and will bounce or roll sporadically. Be sure to give these fruits a wide berth as you might get knocked out quicker than you think. If you fall off the course, you will start at the beginning all over again.

This game does not take that much strategy as other Race games. Just be mindful of the gap between the conveyor belt and the starting platform. This is one of the more common ways other players get knocked off fast. Otherwise, try to keep to the far left or right sides so you can use the pink ramps as a cover. If need be, use other players to shield yourself from the oncoming fruit. That may be pure evil, but ruthless is what gets you the crown in Fall Guys.


The Fall Guys Survival Minigames

Tail Tag


In Tail Tag, several players are assigned tails at random. If you do not have the tail, your goal is to grab a tail from other players. Otherwise, try not to get your tail caught. This is a survival game, meaning you don’t have to depend on a finish line to qualify for the next round. If the timer runs out and you do not have a tail, then you lose the round.

As it is time-bound, the best way for you to win is to try and steal a tail as close to the end of the round as possible. That way, you can focus solely on protecting it. To be a better catcher, try to predict where a player is going rather than following directly behind them. If you already have a tail, find a good hiding spot to stay out of sight until the game ends. Alternatively, you can hide underneath one of the rotating hammers that can act as a sort of shield from other players.


Block Party

Fall Guys Block Party
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In Block Party, you must survive on top of a platform with oncoming wall blocks. Each wall block will have spaces to walk in between. With time running, your goal is to outlast all of them. While some blocks are pretty small and easy to navigate over, the blocks will get increasingly harder to get through as time passes. Most, however, will have bars in the middle that you must jump through.

This course is easy enough to survive. You just have to be patient; otherwise, you will get pushed over the platform in seconds. If you fall behind the crowd, all you need to do is follow the direction of the leading player. Be that as it may, it is much easier to see the oncoming blocks with you at the helm. In this case, you must have quick reflexes to avoid the blocks.


Jump Club

Jump Club
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The premise of Jump Club is simple. You will be placed on a circular platform with two rotating bars. You will have to duck or jump over each bar as it rotates. The longer pink bar is high enough for you to pass under it without ducking. It also spins at a slower rate than the smaller, green one. The green bar, on the other hand, is a bit more fickle. It spins a lot faster. And if you are hit with both the green and pink bar at the same time, you will fall into the pink slime and lose the round.

This game is not time-bound, which makes it a lot harder. You then need to outlast the number of players needed to qualify. To stay in the game, you have a greater chance if you go along the rotation of the green bar. If you stay close enough to it, you will rarely have to jump to avoid it. But, it goes really fast, so try not to let it catch up to you and have it trip you from behind. If you really want to get into it, press and hold the grab button with another player in your grip. Timed correctly, you can let them go at the last minute just as the green bar swings at you.


Roll Out

Fall Guys Roll Out
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In Roll Out, you are placed on a rotating cylinder with the other players. As all of these survival games go, you must stay on top of the cylinder and outlive other players before the round ends. The moving platforms of the cylinder will move and alternate at random. If you aren’t careful, you could fall right through the gap or get swept away by the walls.

To survive Roll Out, try to limit your jumping. All you need to do is to walk through as the cylinder moves. Avoid the walls and the other players as much as possible. If you get caught in a crowd, you are more likely to get pushed right into the gap.


Perfect Match

Fall Guys Perfect Match
Photo from IGN Nordic


Perfect Match is a strategy-based minigame that relies on memory and accuracy. To play, you must remember which fruit appears on which tile before it disappears. A screen will display a certain fruit, and you have to jump on the tile with that fruit. If you do not jump on the correct fruit, the tile will give out and you will be eliminated.

There is no party trick needed for you to win this game. You simply need to remember the placement of the fruit tiles. As the round progresses, you will need to keep track of more and more fruits. If you do end up on the correct tile, be wary of other players that could push you off the mark.


The Fall Guys Team Minigames

Egg Scramble

Fall Guys Egg Scramble
Photo from Naguide


In this arena, you are assigned a colored team at random: red, yellow, or blue. The teams must work together to collect the most eggs and gain the most points. Golden eggs will give you higher points, and as a result, are very sought after. Players can also steal eggs from each other’s nests and steal their points. The team with the least points will not qualify for the next round.

While most players opt to play offense, your team is most likely to get higher points with someone playing defense. If no one is playing defense for your team, try to do it yourself. This may include grabbing players to prevent them from entering your nest or stealing back your own eggs. If you didn’t manage to nab a golden egg, you don’t have to actively steal one. While it does give a team more points, you can still beat a team with more golden eggs if you have a great strategy.


Team Tail Tag


Like the solo version of this Fall Guys minigame, there are randomly assigned tails that will appear on several players. But this time, you will have to work together with a team to score points. If you are playing against more than one team, all you need is to have more points than the other team to qualify. Teamwork will get you further in this game, so do not steal a tail from a teammate.

Like Tail Tag, you can opt to look for a hiding place to wait for the round to end. But you can improve your chances further if you help a teammate snag a tail themselves. Cornering and grabbing a target is also a good strategy. If you do have a tail yourself, a fun way to mess with someone tailing you is to lead them away from the crowd and turn around at the last minute just as they are trying to grab your tail.


Fall Ball

Fall Guys Fall Ball
Photo from GINX Esports TV


Fall Ball is a soccer-like game where you have to score more goals than the opposing team. You will have to jump to push the gargantuan balls away from your own goal and into the opponent’s. If you are looking for a much bigger impact, try jumping and diving towards the ball to propel it over with much more force. However, make sure your timing is right to avoid falling flat on your face. Fall Guys may be the name of the game, but you definitely don’t want that.

You can never go wrong with a strong defense. A strong offense may be a good defense, but try to have at least one goalie for your team. With two balls to keep track of, it’s much easier to lose sight of another ball while you are busy making a goal.



Fall Guys Jinxed
Screenshot from Fall Guys on YouTube


Jinxed is the opposite of Tail Tag. In this minigame, you are dropped in an arena where you must avoid getting “jinxed.” This comes in the form of floating pink clouds that surround the avatar. The first team to get completely jinxed loses the round and will not qualify.

Jinxed is mostly a game of luck, but with a good strategy, you can lessen the risks of getting infected. As long as you keep moving and stay on the raised platforms, you should be able to avoid capture. (Maintaining social distancing is good even in-game.) If you are jinxed, try to get as much of the opposing team as possible. Again, teamwork is key in these types of games.


Rock ‘N’ Roll


Rock ‘n’ Roll is a combination Team and Race game. As a team, you must work together to push your ball across the course and get to the finish line before the other teams. Grabbing the ball may help you push it faster, but be mindful not to grab your teammate in the process. You need all the help you can get when pushing this ball.

On the last leg of this track, the barriers separating the teams will be gone. As such, you can sabotage the opposing teams by getting in their way and causing mayhem. But don’t let your competitiveness make you lose sight of the goal. Make sure that your team’s ball is still in the running.



Photo from Fall Guys Wiki


Hoarders works similarly to Egg Scramble and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Each team gets three large volleyballs on their side and must work together to get even more. You will need help rolling the large balls, and you must try to keep them within your territory at all times. It is, once again, a time-based game. Meaning, whoever has the most balls by the end of the round will qualify.

The same pointers for Egg Scramble apply here. Make sure your team has both good offense and defense to keep the balls in your court. A good tip is to stand on the slightly-raised island in the middle of the opposing team’s territory. Once a ball gets near you, strategically jump at the right time to bounce the ball right into yours.


Hoopsie Daisy


Hoopsie Daisy is a somewhat chaotic arena where you have to score points by jumping over hoops. The hoops will drop out of thin air at random, and the team with the most points wins. You can camp in a less populated area and wait for a hoop to fall from the sky.

You must work with your team to earn points, so if a hoop is nearer to your teammate than you are, let them have it. Use the ramps and elevated platforms to your advantage so you can jump through higher hoops as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t give up on a hoop so easily, though. When a lot of players rush to the same hoop, some tend to leave it open carelessly. Be observant and act fast.


The Fall Guys Final Round Minigames

Royal Fumble

Fall Guys Royal Fumble
Photo Fall Guys Wiki


Royal Fumble is similar to Tail Tag. This time, there is only one tail. Your goal is to be the one wearing the tail as the round ends. As always, the tail will be assigned to a random player. If this player is you, then you will mostly have to avoid other players and getting caught. However, don’t be discouraged if you lose the tail early on into the round. It is much easier to be the chaser rather than the chased.

As there is more focus on one specific tail in this final round, many players will attempt to chase down that tailed player. Your best strategy is to try to anticipate the direction of the player you are chasing. That way, you can loop around them and catch them when they least expect it. You can also camp out in a specific area and wait for them to pass through.




In Hex-A-Gone, you must be the last man standing. On hexagon-shaped platforms, that is. You and the other players start off on the highest level of multicolored hexagons. Like Tip Toe, stepping on a faulty platform will make you fall through as it gives out. Unlike Tip Toe, there are several other levels for you to survive on underneath. However, when the levels run out, you will fall on the slime puddle and lose the final round.

To win Hex-A-Gone, try to jump over to new platforms rather than running to it. When you run, you touch more hexagons, increasing the likelihood of it giving out. When jumping to a specific hexagon, try to see whether there are more hexagons underneath. You don’t want to jump on a safe-looking hexagon only to fall all the way through the slime.


Jump Showdown

Jump Showdown
Photo from Fall Guys Wiki


Jump Showdown is a much more dangerous version of Jump Club. In this final round, you are placed on the same platform with the same rotating bars. The catch this time is that pieces of the platform you are standing on will fall off one by one. You have to outlast all of the other players to get that Fall Guys crown.

The revolving bars will also gain speed as the round advances. Similar to Jump Showdown, you have to try and steer clear of the crowd. As it is the last round, many more players will try to grab and sabotage you in the process.


Fall Mountain


Fall Mountain is perhaps the most satisfying conclusion to any Fall Guys run-through, if only for the sole reason that you see an actual crown. It is pretty easy to navigate through; you have to climb to the top and get through all of the obstacles. At the end of which you must grab the crown before anyone else. The first one to grab the crown will be the Fall Guys King. (For this game, at least.)

This minigame has a little bit of everything, hence the name. It is a culmination of what you have learned from the other minigames. There are steep slopes, revolving doors, and falling balls. As much as possible, choose the route with fewer people. You want to avoid the crowd in this round. When you come across the rotating hammers, remember not to go against the flow as you will be pushed back, and someone else will get the chance to take the crown before you. If you do manage to get the crown, wait until the crown drops to a safe distance you can jump to. Remember that you must grab the crown when you jump, or else you will fall through the pit.


We hope these tips will help you be a smarter, more efficient Fall Guys player. The game may seem complicated at first, but with a lot of work, you will have no trouble getting that crown.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Guide to Getting That Crown

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