Beyond Updates: No Man’s Sky Remedies With VR Features

No Man's Sky Beyond

When No Man’s Sky was launched, players all over the world were filled with high expectations only to be disappointed after playing the game. Hello Games, the creator of No Man’s Sky overpromised then. It’s been three years since the game was launched and now it rolled out its latest update — Beyond.

On August 14, the creator launched the Beyond update that is gaining good reviews. It may seem like finally, they delivered.

The Beyond update is the largest update Hello Games has rolled out for No Man’s Sky. In fact, they refer to it is as the “next evolution” of the game.

VR Features & Other Major Changes

The update brings forth a myriad of new features, new creatures to meet, and exciting gaming interface to enjoy.

Beyond is “the culmination of 12 months of work on what was originally going to be 3 large separate updates,” an excerpt from the No Man’s Sky website.

No Man’s Sky Beyond now brings VR support. Players can now play the game in VR, PC, or PSVR. The menus have also been modified for the VR. In fact, players can physically reach out and grab items with a VR controller.

There are a lot of control schemes and new UI screens as well. These new features enable VR players to join non-VR players with no restrictions.

Multiplayer functionality

Another one of the biggest features of the game is that it now has better multiplayer functionality. Unlike the older version, players may now fully see character models when you run into other players while exploring the universe.

Players can also use the Voice & Networking interface to group up with other players of up to 8 on consoles and up to 32 on PC.

Aside from that, players can control the game using wands, knuckles, Oculus Touch, Playstation Move, and DualShock 4.

If you’re up for some social time, you can now head on over to the new social hub of No Man’s Sky — the Nexus. It can accommodate up to 32 players at once. You’ll get a chance to interact with them, check out their ships, visit their bases, and you can even go on missions together.

There’s never a dull time now in No Man’s Sky, especially thanks to this latest update.


Exciting Minor Updates

Aside from these big changes, there are small changes as well that are making No Man’s Sky players very happy these days. First of all, players can now sit on chairs. That’s kind of a big thing here, actually.

Second, it’s interesting to discover different types of flora and fauna throughout the universe. Now, with the expansion on the Discovery Page, players can view their discoveries in greater details.

Third, there’s so much time spent in the personal starship and there’s really nothing to look at when you’re inside. Now as part of the Beyond update, the cockpits have been redesigned that looks even more enticing. Not to mention, the additional 360-degree view feature is ideal for VR play mode.

Players who get so much thrill out of building bases will appreciate even more No Man’s Sky latest update. Building bases now give players a new camera perspective that delivers visual cues for snapshots. Players can also the jetpack.

If you ever find yourself lost in the game and thinking of what to do next, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The Beyond update promises to bring new technology trees that provide a clearer visual representation of how to unlock new recipes and items.

Existing players may find the new features subtle but noticeable while new players will find that the update will get them to speed quickly. Nevertheless, the Beyond update comes loaded with features that change how the game works… for the better.


The Beyond update is a wonderful refresher to No Man’s Sky. Despite the past years that it received (quite) terrible feedback, Hello Games is now getting back on track to deliver a better gaming experience to No Man’s Sky fans.

Now, No Man’s Sky has become exactly what it’s supposed to be three years ago. And looks like Sean Murray has no plans on slowing down as potential updates may be coming up soon for the game.

Get your hands-on on No Man’s Sky — Beyond on PS4, and Xbox One now!

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