Ultimate Guide to No Man’s Sky Tips & Cheats for PS4, Xbox, & PC

No Man's Sky Beyond Update Game Tips and Cheat Codes


No Man’s Sky Beyond Ultimate Guide, Tips & Cheats

No Man’s Sky is known for its exciting game stories and challenging gameplay at the same time. It is undeniably satisfying when you finally completed the challenges or a mission. But, it can also be quite bothersome if you just can’t seem to advance in this game no matter how hard you’ve tried. Worry no more because we’ve listed tips and cheats that might give you a slight edge over the others.

If you don’t have any extra hours to spare for this game but still want to advance quickly, these extensive tips and easy cheat codes promise to give you the upper hand you deserve. Here’s the list of tips and cheats that you need as you’re exploring the galactic world of No Man’s Sky on PS4, Xbox and PC.


12 Easy No Man’s Sky Cheats & Tips

Set Up a Secured Base Quickly

The way you build a base in No Man’s Sky changed over the past few updates. One of the major changes is that a player now can build their base anywhere on any planet instead of using the game’s default locations. To do this, just select your location and access the “Building Menu” by pressing the Up button on the directional pad (D-pad) of your controller.

In order to build a solid Base Computer, you would require essential building materials like Chromatic Metal. However, if you don’t already have the materials, you must create one manually. To do so, you need to refine minerals at the Portable Refiner. So, make sure you gather sufficient metals like Copper, Emeril, Indium, or Cadmium.

It’s well established that the beginning of the game is always the toughest. Hence, we advise players to gather as much cash as possible to boost mobility and versatility. Start by hiring an Overseer, and try to complete all the given tasks. This is because, with every task completion, you’ll be rewarded with some hefty cash to upgrade your base and weapons efficiently.


Earn Bonus Items as You Build

There are different buildings that are found on the planets. Be an explorer, discover these buildings, and you’ll be rewarded at each time of your visit. Plus, some abandoned buildings will contain terminals that you can interact with.

Operation Centres and Manufacturing Plants will challenge you to a quiz that requires the correct answer to an alien prompt. So if you know the words, you might be able to get the right answer.

Observatories work the same way as the Operation Centres, except they give out a different task. All you have to do is by picking the next number in a sequence displayed on the bottom-left portion of the screen. By getting the correct responses, you can unlock new technology and blueprints as well as crafting formulas and location markers.


Farming Carbon Units in No Man's Sky
©Screenshot of No Man’s Sky gameplay


Farm Units Quickly

We all agree that the best way to make money in No Man’s Sky is to trade items within the Space Station. But what if there’s an alternative that allows you to generate some sweet cash as quickly as trading?

Pick up your gadgets, start mining for the rare minerals from planets and asteroids. The accumulated minerals guarantee an easy collection of units to trade from. Otherwise, if you have access to Bounty Hunting, you can capture and destroy Pirate ships for units and item rewards. Either way, you’ll find inventory boasting with cash.


Find Rare Items Even on Foot

Did you know that you can also find rare items even while you’re exploring the galactic world on foot?

Try to use your scanners regularly to find element deposits and other points of interest. Look out for the scanner’s icons to help identify what elements they are. Don’t forget to pay attention to the exclamation point icons since these often note valuable items such as Sac Venom and Gravitino Balls.


Get Help From Other Players

Hello Games made it possible to join other players and team up in the quest for space exploration. To do this, just access the lobby by choosing Join Game from the Start menu, then team up with your friends. If not, you can also select Join Random Game to join random players.


Upgrade Your Exosuit and Starship

Increasing your inventory collectively is helpful in the long term. Whether it is to collect better items or to increase your potential to make a lot of money within the game. You can upgrade your Exosuit in Drop Pods or at Upgrade Points in Space Stations. And each upgrade costs a hefty 10,000 units and the increment stagger the more you upgrade them.

Hence, increasing your Starship capacity will help you purchase a new ship, which is done in Space Stations or in Trading Posts. You can do this by approaching the other ship and making an offer for the purchase. If you’re satisfied with the offer, then be sure to remove all of your existing inventory and remove all of your upgrades from the old vessel to get back all the materials.


Don’t Ignore the Missions

Most of us would ignore the mission in order to focus on something else like collecting more units for weapon updates, etc. However, some players ignore the fact that missions are helpful if you want some semblance of guidance in space exploration. A Mission Agent will auto-generate available missions and other quests that will allow you to earn money and farm for rare items.

Once your Base Computer is built, you can start building your empire. To make things easier for you, make a Construction Terminal and hire an Overseer, who will guide you through a list of tasks that allow you to make some easy units. From there, start to build your Agricultural Terminal to grow plants. Hire a farmer to help you improve and cultivate these plants in your base.


Get the Atlas Seed and Atlas Path

The Atlas interfaces will continue to show up in your travels whether you decide to take the Atlas Path or not. Once inside, you’ll be able to receive rewards that include warp drive fuel and the Atlas Seed blueprint. No spoilers here, but you need to craft 10 seeds in total before they can be used. Take note of the Space anomalies, as they are also excellent for securing the No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Pass.


Warping from one portal to another in No Man's Sky
©Photo by No Man’s Sky gameplay screenshots


Use Portals to Warp Through Other Planets

Ancient portals can be found in different planets, but they are definitely not easy to find. However, you can track them down by purchasing Signal Boosters when you’re looking for Monoliths. Take note that there are different types of Monoliths, so this one takes a lot of trial and error.

But when you do find a Portal Monolith, select the “Locate a Portal” option ad you’ll get a marker for the portal. You’ll just have to activate it to use it. You also need to keep it charged by using isotopes, silicates, and oxides. Just enter the glyph sequence of a specific planet you want to go and you’re off!


Don’t Miss a Thing on the Planet

Tagging 100% of species on a planet is hard work, but you can actually get some help on how to locate all of them. Use your scanners and keep an eye out for red dots to identify species you haven’t marked yet. If you’re having trouble filling in the slots, move to the different parts of the planet. Also, try to look up as some of the species are flying instead of moving on the land. Beware that flying objects are harder to tag, so you’ll have to aim precisely to shoot them down effectively.


Max Out on Your Journey Milestones

Journey Milestones help you to track your exploration progress and this can be accessed on the Pause menu. Each milestone has a rank from 0 to 10, and from here, you’ll be notified of the next requirements to complete your next milestones.

Here’s a cheat sheet to hit the high levels in no time:

  • Alien Encounters: Met (x) Aliens. Supposedly 40/45 aliens but the cap continues to increase.
  • Extreme Survival: Survived 32 SOLS on Extreme Worlds. Needs to be done on a single planet marked as Extreme. It takes about eight hours in real-time to complete. Another requirement is that you don’t die while running the Survival.
  • Words Collected: Learned 150 words
  • On-foot Exploration: Traveled 100km on foot
  • Sentinels Destroyed: Destroy 80 Sentinels
  • Space Exploration: Warped 60 times
  • Ships Destroyed: Destroyed 80 Starships
  • Units Accrued: Earned 2,000,000 Units (Note: must be one amount in inventory, not a cumulative total)
  • Planetary Zoology: Discovered all species (100% record) in 10 planets


Alien Colonists Can Help You

Improve your current standing with the different alien races by completing interactions. One of them will be learning their words through Monoliths and Knowledge Stones. The higher your standing, the more options you’ll have to request assistance from the colonists in Space Stations and Outposts.


No Man's Sky Gameplay
©Photo by No Man’s Sky Gameplay screenshots


5 Guaranteed Workable No Man’s Sky Cheats

1. No Man’s Sky Money Booster

There’s an easy way to cheat your way through a lot of money in No Man’s Sky.

The fastest and most legitimate way to get a lot of cash is to shoot asteroids near the Space Station to get their elements. Then return to the Station and sell everything. Rinse and repeat.

This works all the time because asteroids are infinite and will not stop spawning. If you’re lucky, you might even get an asteroid that contains rare minerals. But most of the minerals you’ll loot is Thamium. Though it’s not a lot of money, selling them in volumes still gets you around 2,000 units for every 100 sold.

Another way to boost your unit earnings is to make Bypass chips and sell them. They cost 10 Plutonium and 10 iron to create, and the blueprint is already yours from the start of the game since these are two common elements.

A Bypass chip is worth a whopping 3,500 units. So, here’s what you need to do. Simply farm a lot of iron and Plutonium, go to a Space Station, and then start crafting. Sell them until you run out. Rinse and repeat.


2. No Man’s Sky Item Duplication Exploit

During the early days of No Man’s Sky, there was an exploit that allowed you to duplicate items, either as a quicker way to farm for resources or to sell them. However, this exploit was removed in one of the patches by Hello Games.

If you still want to know how this worked, here’s how:

  1. Start in a Space Station hangar with all the items that you want to duplicate. Make sure these are in the ship’s inventory and not in yours.
  2. Exit the game and make a new save file.
  3. Fly into space and get your ship destroyed – do this by attacking pirates or Freighters.
  4. Once that’s done, load up the previous save a file (the one before your attack).
  5. When done correctly, you’ll be back in the Space Station with your original ship’s items, but you’ll still see your Gravemarker on the scanner.
  6. Make room in your ship’s inventory before you fly out to the Grave.
  7. Collect the items you lost from the battle.

This basically allowed you to duplicate everything, as long as it’s in the ship’s inventory. The new update patches would no longer allow you to visit the Grave after loading previous save files.


3. No Man’s Sky WedMod Trainer

The WedMod trainer is intended for PC players who use the Steam version of the game. The WedMod is No Man’s Sky’s trainer and provides you with more than 20 cheats for the game. These cheats include unlimited health, unlimited units, and free Starship crafting.


4. No Man’s Sky Cheat Mods

You can take your customization needs up a notch by going through the No Man’s Sky cheats page and see what they have to offer.

These mods can increase the size of your material stacks, make repairs cheaper, increase farming speed and more. But like most mods, be sure your save files are backed up before making changes.


No Man's Sky Crashed Spaceships
©Photo by No Man’s Sky Gameplay screenshots


5. Free Spaceship

Getting your own huge spaceship in No Man’s Sky is expensive, but there’s a way to get it for free. Just like getting a No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass, you need to be lucky enough to pull this cheat off.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Warp through galaxies until you reach one where you’re presented with a freighter that’s being attacked. You can choose to either attack the freighter and take all of its cargo, or destroy all of the attacking ships to help the pilot.
  2. Do option B, but be careful so you don’t damage it during combat. Once the battle is finished, the captain will invite you on board.
  3. He will explain that he got traumatized by the attack and could no longer handle being a pilot. He’ll give you the ship for free.

That’s how you get your own freighter. Now you can start doing the different freighter missions. You can even create your own base and start your own frigate fleet.


Final Word on No Man’s Sky Cheats

There you have it. A long and comprehensive list of No Man’s Sky cheats and tips to help you navigate through this game’s massive universe. The use of these trainers and cheats should be carried out at the player’s risk, since these may harm your game’s files. Be sure to back up your game files before you proceed in installing the game trainers or using any cheat program.

Ultimate Guide to No Man’s Sky Tips & Cheats for PS4, Xbox, & PC

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