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Iron Man VR To Release on February 2020

Iron Man VR is set to release on February 28, 2020

One name has dominated Marvel Comics’ media ventures this decade. That name is Iron Man, the eccentric billionaire turned superhero has been the focus of movies and cartoons. Relatively a big name even before, Anthony Stark’s alter ego was thrown into the spotlight thanks tot he movies. We’ve seen Iron Man in video games before but now Iron Man VR will allow players to play as Iron man.

Imagine this, you will now have a chance to see things from Tony Stark’s perspective. Yes, I’m talking about seeing the world from Iron Man’s eyes as this game will be in first-person mode. Not only that but this game will make you feel what it’s like to be in Iron Man’s armor. Iron Man VR will be a Playstation VR exclusive and will be the second superhero video game exclusive to the brand after the 2018 hit Spider-Man.

If you’re afraid that this might just be a short experience, fear not as Iron Man VR will feature a story that stars one of Iron Man’s most famous villains. Let’s dive in and discuss what we know so far.


Iron Man VR Features and Story

Iron Man VR will feature Iron Man battling off against Ghost
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Over this weekend at the New York Comic Con, the trailer for the upcoming Iron Man VR game was shown. Video gaming news website Polygon published an article talking about the trailer and a release date. The Sony exclusive video game will be out on February 28, 2020, according to the story trailer.

As seen in the trailer, someone is using Tony Stark’s old weapons to rack up several collateral damages. That someone is the tech-terrorist Ghost, one of Iron Man’s most famous villains. Previously, a male character in the comics, Ghost will be a female character in this game. Coincidentally, Ghost was also the villain in the Antman & Wasp movie and was also portrayed as a woman. Polygon reports that publishers Camouflaj did not intend this to happen.

Other notable things to look out for from the Iron Man VR trailer include the first-person view of what’s inside Tony’s suit. As you can see in the trailer here, the suit view looks like it’ll be your main HUD. It looks like your main attacks will be Iron Man’s Repulsor Beams and your special will be the Unibeam. Aside from your blasters, there’s also a minimap to show incoming enemies in your vicinity.

Controls will be through two Playstation move controllers and will allow you to fly and launch your weapons. For more information on Iron Man VR, here is a link to the official website for the game.


Final Thoughts


With Marvel dominating the movie industry this decade, it looks like they’re planning to dominate the video game world as well. Spider-Man (another Playstation exclusive) was met with critical acclaim and there is an Avengers game coming out in the future as well. These are exciting times to be a fan of video games and Marvel properties. To that, we say Excelsior!


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